10 Games that You Can Play with Your Dog at the Park

Dog games park

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Having a dog in your home with your family is the biggest responsibility. You might already know of a few games that you can play with your dog right now, every dog is different, where you might have a Golden Retriever who want to play fetch, you have Terriers are very intelligent and easy to train indoors with tricks and obedience. They are very food motivated which is ideal for obedience training. But some terrier breeds such as the Patterdale terrier and Jack Russell terrier are more challenging to train outdoors because they are very prey driven and so easily distracted. So with that in mind let’s look at my top 9 games to play with your dog.

Popular Games that You Can Play with Your Pet in Park:

1.    Allow Your Dog(s) to play with food toys:

By supporting your best friend with a treat stuffed Kong (peanut butter) or some other sort of food apportioning toy, This game literally entertains your dog for hours…Well it all depends on how good your dog is at getting the food out.

2.    Play Tug of the War:

 An incredible method to upgrade the connection between your pet. Plus,everyone know how to play tug of war. I will say though, don’t overly play this game, plus always make sure you can get the rope back off your dog by using the “Leave it” command.

You and your canine play competition of tug of war (you always have to win)  Note remember to wear a strong pair of gloves, just incase you get mouthed on.

3.    Throwing the Frisbee:

Frisbee is a high-level rendition of bringing to light the fact that your canine should run a more drawn outdistance. So basically a great way to tire your high energy dog out.

4.    Playing with the tease Stick:

A tease stick is a long stick/pole with a rope at the end, where you basically tease your dog, usually it has a stuffed animal toy on the end. It’s an incredible exercise for your doggie while you don’t need to shed even sweat.

5.    Water Games

If your nearby playing park has a shallow lake, pond etc and your dog likes to swim then let them, you could make some water games with your canines.  One game i like to play with my dog (not all dogs will like this) is to get the hose pipe and spray near them and encourage them to chase the water, great way to cool down your dog in summer too.

6.    Discover the Treats

Your dog will love this! It’s a great way to train your dogs nose, dogs love scent games. So in your garden grab a few treats (dog still in the house) then start to hide treats around the garden, once you have finished let you doggie out and say go sniff, once he catches a scent they’ll be nose to the ground.

7.    Burrowing Box Dog Puzzle:

If your little dog is a major devotee of burrowing, this game is your optimal choice. Making a dedicated burrowing box will urge him to use it more often. you can also ad bits of material around it too, then again throw treats in there and they’ll be busy for 30 minutes.

8. throw and Seek:

So basically get a treat call your dog over and then as soon as they come to you, throw the treat away from them, when they get to the treat and eat it, call them back to you and repeat. This is an excellent game for practicing recall.

9. Bubbles game

Easy peasy! Get your bubble machine or even the cheap bottles, show your dog the bubbles and then blow like crazy and watch your dog pop bubbles.

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