3 Ways To Be A Conscious Dog Owner

3 ways to be a consious DOG OWNER

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3 Ways To Be A Concious Dog Owner

Being a dog owner is a wonderful thing – you have a companion who is loyal and loving towards you, you have someone to snuggle up to when you’re feeling blue and, provided you give them the love and care they deserve, you have something that will love you unconditionally until their dying day. Looking after a dog is a remarkable thing – challenging at times, but infinitely rewarding when you get it right.

However, owning a dog can also be remarkably impactful on the environment – through production and transportation of food, disposal of their waste products and providing them with the tools they need to have a rewarding life, you’re contributing to global warming in more ways than you would think. Here are 3 ways to be a conscious dog owner…

1. Invest in sustainable and eco-friendly dog food

Your dog naturally deserves the best – invest in chemical-free, eco-friendly dog food to ensure that this is the case. Organic and naturally sourced products carry their own benefits, particularly where the pet’s health is concerned, and should always be the preference of choice. Feeding your dog organically doesn’t have to cost a bomb, either – there are a whole range of wholesale, eco-friendly providers of pet food out there, including Wild Thought, who first created their eco-friendly dog food for their own precious pup, Alfie. Not only do they have a wide range of eco-friendly treats and foods for your pet, but they also offer advice on guidance on how to make informed decisions relating both to your dog’s health and how to protect the planet.

2. Purchase toys and chews made of recyclable material

dogs are rough – particularly when they get really involved in a game, playing with a toy they adore. Plastic toys, whilst cheap and easy to clean, can break quickly and, of course, are not a sustainable play source. Treating your pets to toys is still possible from a sustainable mindset – rather than investing in toys made of single-use plastic, choose one that is made of recyclable material. Your dog will have the same enjoyment – and you will sleep guilt-free when they inevitably damage it beyond repair, and it has to be thrown out. Simply recycle and repeat.

3. Think about how you dispose of your dog's waste

Whether you own a cat, a dog or a bird, excretion is going to happen, and you will likely be the one cleaning it up. Plastic litter bags and cat litter that is not bio-friendly can be massively impactful on the environment and limit your means to be sustainable. Invest in biodegradable waste bags or consider a pet compost – not only is it good for your plants, but it also reduces waste and reduces your plastic consumption. Wildlife Guides offers other ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint and be an environmentally conscious pet owner.

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