4 Most Popular Service Dogs and Their Duties

Service dogs

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4 Most Popular Service Dogs and Their Duties

Dogs aren’t given enough credit for their intelligence. If trained properly, they can become capable of doing so many tasks that you previously wouldn’t have thought their species would be able to do. In fact, certain dogs are trained in ways to aid humans in their day-to-day activities if they have special needs. Here are the top five most popular service dogs and their duties:

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are by far the most popular type of service dog. These are service dogs that help blind people navigate their daily routes and activities without hitting any obstacles. Labradors or Retrievers are the most popular choices for guide dogs. This is mainly due to their calm and protective nature towards their owner.

As a blind person, you may not know when to cross the street or when you may face a bump on the road. You may be sick and tired of having to rely on others to help you with regular activities. This is why guide dogs exist! They are God-sent to finally give you your independence again.

Hearing Dogs

Hearing dogs were trained to help deaf people with hearing noises that may be important for their survival or day-to-day tasks. These service dogs are specially trained to have very sensitive ears so they can hear even the faintest of sounds.

  • You may be baking a cake but have no idea when the microwave pinged you that the cake is ready.
  • Or the building may be on fire, but you wouldn’t know as you can’t hear the fire alarm.
  • Hearing dogs are meant to alert you to these types of situations so you can safely do what you need to do.

Allergy Detection Dogs

Are you someone who suffers from a ton of allergies? Are you allergic to ingredients that are commonly found in most food items? Allergy detection dogs are meant to help you make sure that you never eat something that may contain an ingredient you’re allergic to.

These service dogs have sensitive noses that are able to detect the ingredients you’re allergic to even if you can’t detect them yourself. You no longer have to worry about getting an allergic reaction after biting into a sandwich, as your dog will be there to ensure that it is completely safe for consumption.

Diabetic Alert Dogs

Diabetes is something that comes out of nowhere and completely turns your life upside down. If you’re someone who has to live with constantly unstable blood sugar, you may need a diabetic alert dog, especially if it hits you out of nowhere.

These service dogs make sure to constantly remind you to eat something if they detect that your blood sugar is not where it’s supposed to be. What’s really fascinating is that although most of these dogs are trained to do what they do, some of them naturally have the ability to detect when their owner is low or high in blood glucose.

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