5 Ways You Can Improve Your Dog’s Life

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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Dog’s Life

There’s no question that dogs bring joy and love into our lives. So, what can you do to improve your dog’s life in return?  How can you keep them happy and healthy?  Below are five simple, low cost, no trainingrequired ways you can make your dog’s life better … with instant results.

Today, the pet industry is one of the largest on the planet. Millennials now own nearly twice as many pets as Baby Boomers and every second person has some type of furry companion.  Which begs the question, “What can we do to bring more joy into our pet’s lives?”

We know it’s easy to get caught up in our own day-to-day, and sometimes even take our pets for granted. However, animals have a more complex emotional life than we might realize and can even become depressed if they don’t receive sufficient attention.

When it comes to dogs, making even small modifications to their daily routines can dramatically improve their lives.

Play Like There’s No Tomorrow

Needless to say, dogs love playtime. Our fur-BFFs pretty much run on an ‘eat, play, sleep, repeat’ cycle. Playing not only fills them with joy, but also provides them with the physical exercise they need.

Spend some time to figure out what kind of play your dog likes best. You’re looking for that thing (or things) that makes them run in circles at 90 miles per hour and bark with excitement. Engage them in the activities they have the most fun with.

If your dog is not the ‘run around with joyful abandon’ type, try exploring something new.  Ask your friends what gets their canine kids going or do some research on simple games that dogs like.  It may be that you just haven’t found their ‘trigger’, yet. 

Failing that, experiment with more sophisticated games and toys.  Although they may require some training, and a little perseverance, the benefits for both you and your pet are worth the effort.  There’s a wealth of information available on all kinds of interactive games, toy puzzles, and more sophisticated physical interactions that will help to sharpen their body and mind.

Provide Varying Nutrition

We humans have a knack for overthinking our food choices and can easily carry this over to our pets’ lives as well.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t be selective in what you feed your dog but repeatedly feeding them the same food is not ideal in the long run either.

As much as we might debate what constitutes a “healthy” diet for our dogs, we can all agree that a varied one is most beneficial. Consult your veterinarian to help you make mindful and balanced dietary choices for your dog.  A treat doesn’t go astray now and again either!

Lose Those Uncomfortable Fashion Accessories 

Dog fashion is on the rise. Just as with humans, however, there’s functional fashion … and fashion for fashion’s sake.  Does wearing stilettos when you have to walk on cobblestones make sense to anyone?

That cute dog outfit you saw on Etsy might look appealing, but chances are it’s not the most comfortable. Some collars, vests, and harnesses can be overwhelming for dogs as well as restrict movement.

Look for high-quality accessories that are made with comfort in mind. And, as a rule, if you’re in doubt as to whether your pooch pal is actually comfortable with his latest ‘must-have’ accessory, then you should probably lose it.

Spoil them with Belly Rubs

Another step towards improving your dog’s life is simply taking the time to meaningfully connect. Studies have shown that petting (fondling ears, belly rubs, etc.) is beneficial for both humans and their K-9 kids. Stroking and caressing can reduce stress, anxiety, and simply let your dog know they’re loved.

So, put your smartphone down and give them a few minutes of undivided attention. It can make a huge difference in your dog’s well-being.  Triggering feelings of safety, happiness, and calm.

Avoid Fearful and Uncomfortable Situations

Not unlike human beings, dogs have certain situations in which they thrive and some in which they don’t.  Some love having a crowd of people around, while it creates anxiety for others. Some react negatively to different sounds, like doorbells or lawnmowers, others could care less.

With time and attention, you’ll soon figure out those situations that bother your dog. Try to avoid them whenever you can.

The Bottom-Line

Taking just a little time each day to observe, connect with, as well as trying something new with our pooch pals can pay big dividends. The more we understand our dogs, the easier it is to find simple ways to improve their lives, making them (and us) happier and healthier in the process.

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