7 Days To Entertain A Bored rescue Dog – Day 1

Sniffing resue dog

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7 Days To Entertain A Bored rescue Dog - Day 1



Ok I’m doing a 7 day tips and tricks challenge to get your doggie busy. so check in everyday to see your next challenge. (Originally from my Facebook group Derbyshire Rescue Dog Training Family)


So I want to show you the hidden treat surprise game (also great for the timid rescue dog) but first I’m going to tell you the story about the surprise I had the other day. I was tired, feeling quite drained a actually, not sure if it was the sun or just a mental thing with everything that’s going of in the world. Anyway I was playing Aurelia, ga ga and gu gu to her, you know baby talk, she was loving it (me too!) Lilla heard the excited commotions and ran over to see what was going on. Well that’s when Aurelia had paused and said clear as day “Hello” then had a big laugh. I paused for a moment like “did she just say her first word?” I was thoroughly shocked and surprised. It was great.

Ok so surprise challenge:

1. Get your dogs favourite treats
2. Hide them around the garden and house.
3. Tell dog to “go find!”

Easy as that! This is a great scent game, trains the dogs smell sense plus gets your dog busy trying to find them all. Plus it’s a relaxed non pressure game for your dog to play, this is a great one to play with a timid rescue dog.

Let me know how it goes.

Check out challenge #2 here – Treat Shuffle Box

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