7 Days To Entertain A Bored Rescue Dog – Day 2 Snuffle Mat

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7 Days To Entertain A Bored Rescue Dog - Day 2



OK so I’m going to share with you today the treat box shuffle but first I’m going to tell you the story of the hand made tree chair brilliantly styled by my son below.

rescue dog training

It started with a big slab of Birch, it was tree porn for me! I was in a stool making course, first time I did something like this. But the idea of making something from scratch with my own hands and Learning something new was my driving factor. I learnt to manage and shape the wood with just a few old school tools and by the end of the day I had crafted and learnt how to make a stool out of wood you would find felled in the forest…it was amazing day! (well it ended with a sad call from Tania that her Grandad had passed away, that’s a story for a other day, RIP John Howe)

So the take away is for both you and your dog trying something new may seem daunting at first but it always has positives and that’s why I want you to make the treat box shuffle.

So here’s how to do it:

1. Get a box or plastic container
2. Thread or piece string and material through it.
3. Throw extra material into the box.
4. Scatter treats all in the box and mix around.
5. Let your dog enjoy

Or WATCH this video of me showing you…

Ok that’s it…Simple as that!

Check out challenge #3 Magic Cups

So what you waiting for?…go get practicing.

Look out for Challenge #3 – Magic Cups 

Also if you’re not already part of the great Derbyshire Rescue Dog Training Family then join now

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