7 Days To Entertain A Bored Rescue Dog – Day 3 Magic Cups

Magic cups

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7 Days To Entertain A Bored Rescue Dog - Day 3 Magic Cups



I’m going to show you the treats cup game, it’s like a magic show for your dog for their nose.

I first want to tell you something that was magic to me in my life, it was when I first started to learn dog training with Lilla, previously and I was stressed and anxious (not saying I’m still not at times) she was unpredictable, I was worried every time I took her out the door for a walk, prepping myself for the constant pulling and how she might be with other dogs. Once I understood how dogs behave the bond between me and Lilla grew stronger and I remember playing this game with her as a destresser from things happening around me. I loved it and she loved it…hope you do too.

What does it involve?

1. Grab 4 cups.
2. Put a treat in one of them
3. MIx them around like it’s a magic trick.
4. Let your dog sniff it out.


Record a video of you and your dog doing this and share it in my Facebook group Derbysbire Rescue Dog Training Family Every one’s here for the same purpose

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