7 Days To Entertain A Bored Rescue Dog – Day 4 The Kong

22Where my Kong Hooman22

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7 Days To Entertain A Bored Rescue Dog - Day 4 The Kong



Ok it’s all about the kong and the behavioural benefits you get from this simple toy. It took Lilla almost 40 minutes to fully finish that Kong.

As you might notice in the video, something that got me quite worried early this week, Lilla has seasonal flank alopecia. When I first started to look online I was reading all kinds of horrible possible what Ifs.

The thing is she’s the same as she usually is but she’s part of the family I would hate for anything to ever happen to her as much as a pain in the arse she can be sometimes. (I’m sure you can relate)

Ok so if you’ve never tried a Kong then go ahead and give it a go. It’s great as a boredom breaker but also for destructive dogs and dog who suffer from separation anxiety.

So watch the video and try this yourself.

Check challenge #5 Material Tug

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