7 Days To Entertain A Bored Rescue Dog – Day 5 Material Tug

Dog tug of war

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7 Days To Entertain A Bored Rescue Dog - Day 5 Material Tug


How to easily and effectively entertain and exercise your dog


So today doggie boredom exercise is called “random material tug” yeah not very inventive name. So before I get to it I want to say there’s definitely a tug of emotions for me and possibly you are feeling this way too during this crazy lockdown. A mix of high energy and positivity to then tired low feeling. Which Is why I wanted to share this exercise as it involves some form of tugging similar to the back and forth of emotions and feelings going around of fear, uncertainty, negativity, positivity, happiness, boredom etc.

Let’s get to the exercise:

1. Grab some material, old socks or clothing.
2. Tue them all together into a ball or rope.
3. Intice your dog to play.
4. Then say “leave it” command
5. Once your dog had dropped it, get him to sit.
6. Then repeat the process.

So it’s play followed by “leave it” command followed by getting your dog to work for the play so “sit” command

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