A-Z Top 57 Dog Breeds 2019 (Part 1)

Akita Inu

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A-Z Top 57 Dog Breeds 2019 (part 1)

I’ve compiled my A-Z Top 57 Dog Breeds 2019, with each cool doggie image, there’s a brief description along with a “read more” that takes you to a more in-depth description of that dog breed (continuing to update) where you’ll find everything you need to know about that certain dog breed from a Akita to a French Bulldog and more, before making that final decision if thats the right dog breed for you.

What's the goal of A-Z top 57 dog breeds 2019?

  1. To give you as much information as i can on dog breeds.
  2. In hopes it helps you choose the right dog breed for you.
  3. To give you a better overall understand of certain dog breed traits.
Akita Inu

1. Akita

This breed also known by Akita Inu, Japanese Akita and American Akita is a large breed dog native to Japan but also Bred in America, The Japnese counter part being slightly smaller. Part of the Spitz type dog breed.

  • Makes Great Guard dog, protective and loyal
  • Intelligent, usually easily trainable.
  • Heavy coat shedders
  • High prey drive (So not great of-lead)
Alaskan Malamute

2. Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute, usually mistaken for a husky, but a one of the larger spitz type dog breeds. Bred by the Mahlemuts to pull heavy sledges in extreme artic conditions.

  • Intelligent and quick to learn.
  • Fun loving but active outside type dogs
  • Heavy coat shedders
  • High prey drive (not 1st time owner dog)
American Hairless Terrier

3. American Hairless Terrier

Small breed part of the terrier type originating from Louisiana, bred to hunt rats. These are a coatless breed perfect for the allergy sufferers, but prone to sunburn.

  • Energetic, alert and curious
  • Family dog, inquisitive and good natured.
  • Typical terrier traits, stubborn, mischievous.
American Staffordshire Terrier

4. American Staffordshire terrier

A small but muscular breed, having a bad rep as a fighting breed dog, but now one of the most popular dog breeds.

  • Fun loving, confident and great family dog
  • Very people oriented
  • Can become very destructive when bored.
  • Early socialisation is necessary.
Australian Shepherd

5. Australian Shepherd

Like the name you’d think they would be native to Australia, but infect are from Basque region of Spain. Bred for herding and great companion dogs but not ideal for 1st time dog owners

  • Highly intelligent and easy to train in the right hands.
  • Loyal and eager to please.
  • High energy, active dogs, need to be kept busy.
  • High herding drive.

6. Basenji

Basenji Usually known as the “barkless” dog as they don’t bark like other dogs it’s more of a yodel. They also like to stay super clean like cats and will regular clean themselves using their paws.

  • Loyal, devoted and strong bond to their owners.
  • Love company, good around children.
  • High prey drive
  • Need lots of mental stimulation.
Basset Hound

7. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is centuries old believed to be around since the middle ages, bred to chase down it’s prey, well at it’s own continuing pace over long distances at an ease.

  • Gentle and loving family dog.
  • Great breed for old people, great around children.
  • Can be stubborn and decide when to listen.
  • Sometimes hard to housetrain

8. Beagle

Medium size dog breed initially bred to hunt and have refernec to simular hunting dogs from 200AD . Beagles are know to be relaxed and companion dogs.

  • A versatile and adaptable dog
  • Great first time pets, loving and affectionate.
  • Can be known to be a barker.
  • High scent and will follow their nose.
Bedlington Terrier

9. Bedlington terrier

Bedlington terrier often desired “Lamb like” due to their unique look. In the past they were used by poaches and gypsies to catch game.

  • Calm and mild mannered.
  • Great family dog with older children.
  • Need the right amount of mental and physical stimulation.
  • Stubborn and low boredom threshold.
Bichon Frise

10. Bichon Frise

One of the most popular breeds worldwide due their adorable, kind hearted nature. Originating in the mediterranean region of europe and often referred to as the “Tenerife dog”

  • Highly adaptable and very playful
  • Intelligent and easy to train 
  • Needs companionship
  • Possibility of separation anxiety
Border Collie

11. Border Collie

One of the most intelligent dog breeds on the planet, Great dog to train in the right hands. ingrained history of working alongside Shepards to herd flock makes a great working dog.

  • Really intelligent breed, perfect in the right hands
  • Friendly fun loving dog
  • High herding drive
  • High energy breed, lots of exercise
Border Terrier

12. Border Terrier

The border terrier is a proper working dog, bred to cull the population of foxes by shepards and to be able to keep up with horses, so this breed is full of energy.

  • Very adaptable and thrives around people
  • Very active, so needs active owners.
  • High prey drive
  • Needs lots of mental stimulation.

13. Borzoi

Originally bred inRussia in th 17th century to hunt wolves, these are a form of sighthound and are extremely fast.

  • Intelligent, affectionate and loyal.
  • Loves human company
  • High prey drive.
  • Not an ideal first time dog.
Boston Terrier

14. Boston terrier

Known as the “American Gentlemen” being a popular dog due to their smart and dapper look about them. They were also really great “ratters”

  • Loving, affectionate and people loving.
  • Very intelligent and great first time dog.
  • High energy breed
  • Tendency to be a barker and mouthy breed.

15. Boxer

High energy dog breed and lovingly known as the clown of the dog world. Fairly a new breed dog and lineage to the fighting dog Bullenbieser.

  • Extremely affectionate and incredibly playful
  • Full of energy and very active
  • Need lots of mental stimulation
  • Need to be well trained early or show signs of dominance
Bull Terrier Black and White color

16. Bull Terrier

This powerful chest heavy and distinctive breed is fairly new dog breed. Without proper training early on they will show their dominant side.

  • Loyal and great family dogs
  • Great watchdog
  • Can be a handful and quite boisterous
  • Stubborn streak, not a first time dog.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

17. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Boasting one of the oldest toy breed lineage and also royalty from when the Stuarts had the throne, hence their title of “King”

  • Intelligent and very easy to train
  • Social tends to get on with people and dogs
  • Prone to seperation anxiety
  • High maintenance on grooming.

18. Chihuahua

This small energetic breed hails from Mexico, where they are loved for their cuteness and the fact they think they are a much bigger dog than they are.

  • Intelligent breed and easy to train
  • loyal and doesn’t need much exercise.
  • Can be overprotective and resource guard.
  • Not great with boisterous children


Chinese Crested Dog

19. Chinese Crested Dog

This breed is thought to be originated in the ancient orient and as far back as the 13th century. These are a hairless bodies breed with the obvious character trademark furry tail and head.

  • Social, playful and friendly around children.
  • Low maintenance on grooming.
  • High chance of separation anxiety due being people oriented.
  • Stubborn and wilful.

20. Collie

Popular from the series “Lassie” she would come to the rescue of Timmy, well they’re not far of from that mark.

  • Extremely intelligent breed.
  • Sensitive to feelings and surroundings.
  • Prey drive
  • Can be a barker

Well thats a rap on part 1 of A-Z Top 57 dog breeds 2019…WANT MORE?

Part 2 and 3 are coming soon

Bookmark and save this page for later refernece, We’ll keep updating it adding extra in-depth articles per breed to help you make that right decision before bringing your forever dog home.

If you have any questions or liked this post please comment below.

Until next time,

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