Alaskan Malamute – Things You NEED To Know

Alaskan Malamute Round frame

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Alaskan Malamute Round frame

Alakan Malamute - Things you NEED To Know

Everything You Would Want to Know About Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute has a long history as a working dog! These dogs have pulled sleds for decades, and they were used as working dogs during World Wars I and II. Today, however, it’s most common to see these dogs living as pets. If you want to bring a Malamute into your home, there are a few things you should know.


The Alaskan Malamutes has its origins in perhaps unsurprisingly western Alaska. They were raised by Inuit tribes at the end of the 19th century and were considered valuable and indispensable members of the tribe. This is because they enabled the Inuit to live in these remote and often inhospitable areas. This breed is known for its obedience and extreme resilience, which are among the qualities that make it such a great sled dog. They help transport food to different areas around camp as well as be excellent for capturing big game.

Typical Personality

Malamutes are energetic dogs that love to explore their environment. This is a very intelligent breed, and those smarts mean that these dogs are curious. It’s important for Malamutes to get plenty of exercise in. If a dog isn’t getting the exercise it needs, it could engage in destructive behavior.

Even though Malamutes are large and strong dogs, they’re extremely loving. They tend to be friendly towards everyone around them, and they especially love towards kids. Malamutes are also quite patient. They can remain calm even when a child is climbing all over them. This makes them a terrific family pet.

Malamutes are a wonderful dog breed that's great with children and other animals

Potential Health Issues

Generally speaking, Alaskan Malamutes are a healthy, hardy dog. However, the breed is pre-disposed to a few health problems. If you’re aware of these problems, you and your vet can work to mitigate the risk of future health issues.

Malamutes are prone to hip dysplasia, a condition that can cause dogs to develop arthritis as they age. Animals with this condition usually need surgery. If you’re buying your Malamute from a breeder, ask them to provide you with documentation stating that the dog’s parents do not have hip dysplasia. This condition is genetic, and it’s entirely avoidable if you’re careful.

Caring for Your Pet

As mentioned above, your Malamute is going to need daily exercise. As long as your dog is getting the exercise it needs, they should be fairly calm throughout the day. Because Malamutes have such thick fur, they need to receive regular brushings to avoid matting.

Malamutes also require a lot of attention from their owners. You should take the time to play with your pet. Teach your dog some tricks so that they have a chance to use their sharp mind. This is a very loving dog breed, and any love you give will be returned in spades.

Feeding Your Dog

Malamutes are large dogs, and you’ll need to make sure your pet is getting an appropriate amount of food. Whether you free-feed your dog or opt for scheduled feedings, you’ll want to feed your pet a quality dog food that contains meat as the primary ingredient. You may want to talk to your vet to see if there’s a particular dog food that they recommend.

You can also supplement your dog’s diet with some snacks. Malamutes love fresh fruit, like banana and even watermelon! Fruits are a great treat for your dog, and they’re also loaded with antioxidants that can help to keep your furry friend in great health. I also personally reccomend Raw feeding instead of the commercial feeding.

Malamutes are a wonderful dog breed that’s great with children and other animals. Learn a little more about Malamutes and decide if you’d like to bring one of these beautiful dogs into your home.

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