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Pet Photo Necklaces

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Pet Photo Charms-Everlasting Memories

A cute pet makes your life so special. Having a pet can lift your life in many ways. Pets increase your mood dramatically. There are scientifically proven benefits that pets can bring to our lives.

Do you love your pet so much?

Do you want your pet’s photo turned into a necklace?

Is this a good idea?

What do you think?

Do you want to keep your pet stay close to you forever?

Pet photo charm is the perfect way to keep your pets close to your heart.


On the other hand, losing your beloved pet might be one of the toughest feelings you may experience in your life. A lot of people find ways to deal with their sorrows but keep the memories with their pets alive too.

Pet Photo Charms is the best way to keep alive the memories of your best furry friend. The pet photo charm can also be the best gift for your friend or family member who has lost their loved ones and grieving the loss of their pet.

We designed the pet photo charms necklaces and keychains for you to cherish or share your good memories with your beloved pet.

The pet photo necklace is one of the cutest you will ever see. It is a perfect choice whether you need to add your own pet’s photo into this necklace or want to give this cute thing to a dear friend or family who loves his pet very much. Your pet will forever be loved in the form of our pet photo charms. Your pet might be gone but their memories will still live on and you can always keep them close to your heart with Fauna’s pet photo charms.

Personalized Paw Charm by Fauna Jewels

Crafted and authenticated by Fauna Jewels this customized pet photo charm is available to add the photo of your beloved dog or cat. It is an adorable little paw print and you will love it so much. Just upload a photo of your favorite pet and place your order. Take a look inside and see the magic works. Your memory with them will stay with you forever. It is a really pretty lightweight necklace perfect for anyone who loves their pet.

Personalized Heart Paw Charm by Fauna Jewels ​

This heart-shaped pet photo charm is the perfect gift for pet owners and pet lovers. By engraving your fur baby’s photo into the pendant, you can keep your beloved pet in the nearest place to your heart. This heart-shaped par charm can also be a perfect reminder of the memories with your pet.

If you are searching for a keepsake to remember and celebrate a loved one, this is it. Stop searching for it and place your order, you will not find better than Fauna Jewels. Fauna puts so much love and consideration into the making of these pet photo charms. Their jewelry is itself heavy and solid and the photos are clear and bright. Fauna is helping families to remember their loved ones!

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