Beagle – Things You NEED To Know

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Beagle Round frame

Beagle - Things You NEED To Know

Everything You Would Want To Know About The Beagle

The origins of the English Beagle or simply Beagle go back to Xenophon, the Greek writer, historian, and military man who, in his hunting treaties, speaks of a posterior that many believed to be the very first Beagle.

Later in the 18th century and after more intensive breeding of hunting dogs, the pocket Beagle was discovered. This breed of dog is not extinct and was very popular in its time and has also been favored by many important historical personalities such as Queen Elizabeth the First and King Henry.

The Beagle, as we know it today, began its popularity in 1840 when it was exported to the United States of America as a hunting dog. It was only around 1870 that they were considered as domestic dogs.


Beagle is a highly energetic dog with a strong hunting instinct and a slightly independent character. They are intelligent but impulsive and can be completely expendable. This means that the beagles will fit in well with the family act that regularly travels abroad, who are passionate about sports.

It is also better suited for a family with older children who enjoy playing with the dog and exercising. This is not recommended for a calm and sedentary family. When they are well socialized, they can get along with other dogs and cats. However, they must be continuously monitored if you have smaller mammals, rodents, or birds.

Physical attributes

The generally accepted standard of the Beagle breed today is derived from the fox or a larger hunting dog. The Beagle is a well-proportioned muscular dog with a well-defined chest and has an elongated head and large drooping ears just on the shoulder. It measures between 33 and 42 centimeters (13 ~ 16 inches) and weighs between 8 and 16 kilograms (17.5 to 35 pounds). A beagle’s coat is divided into two or three covers, but there is always some variation in the shades of white brown and black.

Many people are first attracted by the physical appearance of the Beagle because they are very tender dogs from puppies to adulthood.


A beagle coat does not need excessive care. A few weekly brushes and a monthly bath will do. Professionals recommend using a rubber mat and the dog’s own bathtub. Due to the morphology of their ears, which are predisposed to have a damp interior, they are prone to mice, and it is therefore recommended to clean them regularly with sterile gauze.


As a very active dog, it is advisable to walk him three or four times a day so that he can sniff, relax and interact with other dogs and enjoy at least 10 minutes off-leash in an appropriate dog park. The Beagle is a very intelligent dog, and he needs correct type of training  if you want to train him properly.

When they are puppies, it is crucial to teach them to control their bites, urinate in the newspapers and socialize with people and other animals. Later, in adulthood, it is advisable to initiate basic obedience programs as this is fundamental both to safety and to healthy coexistence.

To keep beagles mentally active, it is recommended to teach them some basic dog skills, sports, and various activities coupled with an appropriate diet.


Like all dog beagles need a prevention plan for various medical conditions and regular veterinary examinations. This is how we can detect possible health problems and provide prompt treatment. It is advisable to do necessary tests every 6 to 12 months for beagles; however, sports dogs will need more regular visits – every three months.

The most common medical conditions of beagles include pulmonary stenosis, various eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma, deafness, hypothyroidism, and epilepsy. With adequate care and timely examinations, beagles can live between 12 and 16 years of age.

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