Bedlington Terrier – Things You NEED To Know

Bedlington Terrier Round frame

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Bedlington Terrier

Everything You Need To Know About The Bedlington Terrier

A dog with a little lamb appearance is known as a Bedlington terrier, has a narrow, deep, rounded, and pear-shaped head, with a strong muzzle and beautiful small and deeply set almond-shaped eyes. The dog has jaws that meet up in a level.

The Bedlington Terrier has a low set triangular ear with rounded tips and a deep chest and arched back.

The dog has back legs longer and straight than front legs. It has a tail that is thick at the root and attached to a lower level and has a tapered tip. Bedlington terrier usually has removed dewclaws. The skin has a blended double coat of soft and hard hairs that provide it stunning looks.

The dog has a varying degree of colors such as blue, liver, sandy and tan, and liver and tan.

Beautiful tan markings are found over eyes, legs, chest, and rare.


Many terrier breeds are most commonly found in England’s North Country and Bedlington is the most famous one. The exact ancestors are still unknown but it is thought that they are evolved from Dandie Dinmont, Kerry Blue, and Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.

There the type of dog that could be found at a dog park Denmark or in a swanky apartment in Paris.

Their agile body with arched back and high speed indicate that they are evolved from Whippet. Bedlington terrier became famous in 1825 mainly for his hunting ability. Due to his higher speed, intelligence, best hunting abilities due to high smelling and hearing power, talent to get things quicker and challenge accepting attitude made Bedlington more popular among landowners for their purposes as well as for games. One of them named Lord Rothbury a resident of Bedlington in Northumberland has this pet and used it for most of the time, even this dog became famous to his name as Rothbury Terriers or Rothbury’s Lamb.

Due to ratting abilities, high speed, and entertainment, these dogs also became well known among local coal miners. In dog portraiture time during the Victoria era, Bedlington became one of the famous artwork. Many clubs recognized the breed with time like, The National Bedlington Terrier Club in England in 1877 and American Kennel Club in 1886. These days, the Bedlington stands as 140th rank in AKC registrations.


  • Bedlington is fast and good for socialization, but it becomes stubborn sometimes and needs exercise and some mental refreshment in case if the feel was bored.
  • Bedlingtons learn to respond over commands early, so it’s pretty easier to train them. But they resist harsh training methods. They also accept challenges especially male dogs, they can be aggressive combatants if challenged.
  • They usually require coaching once or twice a week for maintenance of coat and prevention of matting.
  • As Bedlingtons are terriers, so they like digging.
  • Bedlingtons are Alert, energetic, excellent companions, intelligent, and best watchdog. He is an entertaining animal for people, a good attention seeker, and enjoys this. Their temperament is influenced by factors such as heredity, socialization, and training, those with good temperament are more playful, friendly, and curious.
  • Bedlingtons can run fast, therefore, providing them a safe area is vital and they should not be left free in an open area. Training is very important for them, especially obedience training is their basic need so that he can stay happy with you whether you are exercising.
  • The intelligence of Bedlington demands intelligent handling for training. So positive reinforcement, rewards, and praise boost their learning behavior. Gentle handling makes them behave well but if you show furious behavior then they will be furious too and will be frustrated.
  • Usually, the daily recommended diet is 1 to 1.5 cups of high quality dried food either once a day or in two divided meals. But these daily dietary requirements depend on the size, age, metabolism activity, and build level of the dog.
  • Bedlington males are usually 16-17 inches in height and 18-23 pounds weight, while females are of 15-16 inches height and 18-23kg weight. Their life expectancy is about 17+ years but one dog was reported to have 23 years.
  • Generally, Bedlington Terriers have a good health status, but like other animals, they are prone to serious health hazards. There are most of the genetic ailments associated with Bedlingtons such as copper toxicosis, patellar luxation, distichiasis, and renal cortical hypoplasia: retinal dysplasia, etc. So, before getting a Bedlington terrier puppy, make sure that both of the parents have good health status.

Exercise And Training

Bedlington Terriers have bountiful energy reserves, which is a basic need for an active mind. So, with these high energy reserves, they accept challenges and enjoy working on its completion. These reserves also make their minds fresh all time. They need less time for exercise even a single hour per day is sufficient for them. Ideally, they should have to walk in fenced ground multiple times a day, so that they can have enough time to sniff the ground and can build their running ability.

Same as other dogs, you Bedlington needs multiple training sessions that will make them learn best of the qualities and to obey commands. This will make them more social and make them learn lifelong good manners. But this training session requires much less time than other breeds. Gentle tackling, rewards, and care along with positive reinforcement enhance their ability to learn.


Bedlington Terrier produced in North of England is a famous dog breed for its fast speed, best hearing, and smelling ability, therefore it was the pet of landowner in past, due to these abilities. Bedlington terrier can socialize and accept challenges from other dogs. They also have a handsome as they look just like lamb. They resist harsh training methods. They learn more easily than other dogs because they are more

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