Border Collie – Things You NEED To Know

Border Collie Round frame

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Border Collie Round frame

Everything You Would Want to Know About Alaskan Malamute

Getting a new dog is always an exciting time, but it’s really important to do your research as different breeds have different characteristics and therefore, different needs. They’re also vulnerable to certain medical conditions.


The border collie is classified as a working member of the Collie breed and is known to be extremely energetic, workaholics. According to many experts, this breed originated from areas around the English Scottish border and thus got its name.

The Border Collie is a pastoral breed that was very popular back in the day and was primarily raised to help herd sheep and cattle as well as to help haul cattle to the market. As such, this breed has a very strong natural instinct towards the herd. Some say that the word Collie comes from the Celtic word for use and that pretty much sums up these guys.

Physical and Mental Attributes

Border Collies are renowned for their intelligence as well as their high energy level and therefore growing them up demands a lot of mental and physical stimulation. These shaggy good lookers can run all day without tiring, and they also love to let off steam. So, this makes them ideal for active Chryslers. They usually appreciate the companionship of other dogs and cats, assuming they are introduced to each other from an early age.

On the dog, energy level scale Border Collies scores a whopping 98.5%, and so they are definitely best for peoples looking for a highly active dog. 

Training is highly recommended to keep these canine rocket scientists stimulated, and they are capable of some pretty impressive stunts.

Their affectionate nature means they’re fine for families but beware; a bored Border Collie will be a troublesome handful.

Most commonly black and white they come in a wide range of color combinations sometimes even have two different colored eyes.

Border collies coat generally features black, white as well as red Merle and tricolor. This breed usually features two types of coats, and they are rough and smooth. They are a medium-sized dog with a luxurious fur coat which frequently sheds and does require regular grooming. And so, to keep their coat shiny and in good condition, they need to be groomed at least once a week.


Border collies are very energetic, and therefore they’ll need at least two hours of exercise every single day. Put it like this – the more exercise they get, the happier they’ll be.

As an intelligent breed, they’ll need lots of mental stimulation, and they really benefit from positive reinforcement training. But remember as a working breed if they don’t get this physical and mental stimulation, they’ll turn that energy and intelligence into mischief as they love cheers as well as to herd other animals.

It’s very important that they’re well trained before you feel confident in letting them off the lead in the countryside.


Border collies generally have a life span between 12 and 14 years, but like all breeds, they’re susceptible to various medical conditions and perhaps the most common in the Border Collie would be canine epilepsy which is a form of fitting or seizure ring as well as diabetes.

As athletic breeds border collies are also prone to a condition known as hip dysplasia, and this occurs when the joints that form the hip joint don’t form perfectly. And this makes them slightly more vulnerable to early-onset arthritis.

Final Note

These dogs have it all – brains, beauty, popularity, and personality. If you’re willing to invest the right amount of time and energy into this very special breed, then you’ll love living with the Border Collie.

Whats Next?

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