Chihuahua – Things You NEED To Know

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Everything About Chihuahua Dog Breed

Chihuahua Dog Breed

Here is a breed of dog whose introduction has always raised eyebrows. If anything, many of the people who have them as pets always carry them around in little bags and even purses. From the various appearances individuals of the breed have made in popular media, they have always appeared as companions of spoilt rich people.

While there may be a trope somewhere in there, that is not exactly what this dog is meant to be. They are better known for having larger than life personalities. This leads them to love fiercely, and even treat things and situations they don’t like with a similar ferocity that is bewildering for their size.  They could even be a contender for healthiest small dog breeds.

Yes, the chihuahua is the smallest dog breed. However, it is one of the best companions anyone could wish for.

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At this point, the history of the Chihuahua should just be turned into a legend of how there once were beautiful creatures who gave up their freedom to give humans love and companionship for the rest of their days. That would be a much more amazing way to explain why the Chihuahua’s history isn’t properly known, or even documented.

If anything, the name Chihuahua is coopted from a region of Mexico with the same name. Perhaps, this is because the people who could have known the exact history of the Chihuahua were wiped out as the Spanish moved to take over America.

However, it is noted that the Chihuahua dog is quite an old breed. This is because it appears in various archaeological artifacts pointing back to the Toltec civilization in Mexico. This was even before the Mayans were the dominant civilization in that part of the world. When the Mayans did conquer the Toltecs, they integrated the dogs they found into their own society.

Through the various archaeological exploits to understand the Toltecs and the Mayans, the dogs that are depicted in the artefacts are said to be the ancestors of the Chihuahua and are known as the Techichi. Whether this was the name of the Chihuahua or that of a different breed is not really known.

One thing is for sure, when the conquistadors set foot in Mexico, in the area known as Chihuahua, they encountered a lot of small dogs that surprisingly. Were hairless.


This lovely breed is best loved for one prominent feature; their eyes. Their eyes are quite large and express a lot of emotions. Whether they are sad, hungry or looking for some love, the Chihuahua puppy eyes are sure to render any human powerless.

Don’t you dare give in to those puppy eyes. They are just a part of the Chihuahua dog experience. The Chihuahua can be a very attentive dog when raised in a good environment. They are usually aware of the things going on inside the home, and they are very alert. This makes them a good alert dog, even if they do not have the physical size to back up all the barking they will be doing.

Speaking of barking, this is one area you will need to pay a lot of attention to. You will need to have a good training regimen for your chihuahua puppy as soon as it is old enough to start one. Many owners tend to assume that because they are small, they really cannot do any harm or what they do is cute.

This is one of the reasons that led to the trope that small dogs are bad mannered. As a chihuahua dog owner, it will be your responsibility to ensure this dog is well trained and is used to having different dogs and people around.

The chihuahua is know for their large personality. When not trained and associated early enough with people and other dogs, they can become a difficult mess to deal with due to issues with their temperament. This is true of any other dog that you may wish to have as well. It is not unique to the chihuahua.

Exercise & Training

Chihuahuas are best known as indoor dogs. However, as it is with any other dog, they will have a lot of energy to expend on a daily basis. This breed of dog is quite active. With the right diet and temperament training, you can have a cute pup zooming around the house.

It is specifically their size that makes things a little bit easier to deal with. With all the energy they have to burn, they can just zoom around your house and get through the day.

However, it would be best to get them out of your house and into the open air for some time. A 30 minute to one hour walks every day would help them a great deal.

Aside from just burning away the physical energy, your dog also needs a great mental exhaustion at least once a day. While that zooming around is great for them physically, over time, it may not do much mentally. This is where the walks outside come in.

The best way to tire your dog out mentally is to just let them sniff everything that they want to. Okay, not everything, but just let them have as much sniffs as possible. This can be best achieved on your walk outside.

Give them a little room on the leash to sniff. You could even decide to go off the beaten path and let them go sniffing in the park. Just ensure that the rules allow you to have you to walk around with your chihuahua dog off leash.

The chihuahua responds quite well to any training that it receives, provided this training is provided in a loving environment. As part of the training, it would be best to establish that you are the leader of the house. This helps dispel any issues with temperament with the dog trying to become the head of the pack.

A chihuahua’s temperament is quite close to that of a terrier type dog. When dealing with one, ensure that you are firm, and loving. If you would like to get your dog into some sports or other forms of obedience training, this would be a great start.

General Care

The Chihuahua is generally an easy dog to take care of. All you need to do is decide which kind you want before you start your new adventures with your chihuahua puppy.

In general, there are two types of coats that these dogs have. The first is a smooth and short coat. This kind of coat is usually of lower maintenance than the other kind of coat. It needs to be brushed every once in a while. A good bath once in a while will help keep the coat looking as smooth as silk.

The other kind of coat is longer and needs a little more attention than the previous coat. This is to help prevent matting and tangling with other stuff from around your home. This type of coat would do well with a weekly brushing just to keep things looking neat. A bath once in a while will help keep the coat looking smooth.

Chihuahuas generally are a healthy breed of dog to have around. However, individuals have been known to suffer some genetic anomalies. One of these is an issue with their hearts. They are also known to suffer some of the issues that face all other dogs. These include:

  • Luxating patella: This is a dislocation of the kneecap. If getting from a shelter, confirm that they have done this test. If getting from a breeder, the issue will have manifested with the parents as it is genetic.

  • Hypoglycemia: This means that there is low sugar in the blood. This will usually manifest in your dog lacking energy and can sometimes act weak, can be disoriented or dizzy. In severe cases, they can also lose consciousness. Hypoglycemia is usually an indicator of a bigger underlying problem. This could either be the diet that your dog is on, or even issues such as diabetes and liver disease. A visit to the vet will help clear things up for you.

  • Hydrocephalus: Similar to humans, chihuahuas are also born with a molera, the little soft spot on the head. If this soft spot is too large, it may fill up with spinal fluid. Dogs with this condition will have mental issues that will affect how they operate.

Conclusion - Chihuahua Things you NEED To Know

The apple shaped head and the larger than life eyes will easily captivate the hearts and minds of anyone that comes across them. You may have totally different reasons as to why you want one when compared with the person next to you.

What is true though, is that the love and companionship these dogs offer is one of a kind.

If you are looking for a dog with a personality and is easy to have around, you cannot go wrong with the chihuahua. You should note though that lots of training and corrections should be made as they are growing up.

Chihuahuas are known for being quite sassy and this can be compounded when the dog is poorly trained, or is not trained at all.

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