Dog Training in Chestefield

Dog Training In Chesterfield

At One Dog Training we cover a range of areas this page is for dog training in Chesterfield check out out training programs here

Sean Purdy of One Dog Training Home Dog Training is an experienced Dog Behaviour Therapist & Dog Trainer.

We provide one to one dog training, not classes or a dogs club as i personally belive one to one training is much more personalised and prodices results alot quick for the owners and dogs

We offer training of unwanted behaviour in dogs like barking, jumping up, toileting in the house, passive dominance, mouthing or biting, pulling on the lead,  lead work, dog to people aggression, dog on dog aggression and much more. we help with teaching you the owner step by step techiniques that works to understand your dogs and why they’re doing what they’re doing, so in turn you can they teach your dogs what is acceptable behaviour.

As owners we get a dog or dogs for many reasons and in turn want them to be part of the family, your pack. Dogs in general interpret our kindness and affection the wrong way then we as owners think and thats when dogs will try to take control…Be the alpha. This is not intentionally bad behavior as theyre just doing what is natural to them and are misunderstanding you as the “Pack Leader”

So this is where my expertise and experience as a dog trainer and owner of dogs comes in handy, I get the syncronisity between you and your dog back to normal so you can understan one another again through my effective behavioural training and then have that well trained dog.

The individual home based training program will be easy to follow and fun and i guarentee in most cases you will see results within the first session by taking on board my effective dog training methods.

A training session with me is like an agility session, a dog who has to use his mind will be alot more tired, 30 minutes of training and interacting with you the owner and me the trainer, 30 minutes is equivilant of 1 hour exercise.

I also offer in-house indiviual puppy training in Derby and East Midlands area, as I know how important it is to get a puppy of to the right start and knowing it’s correct place in the pack. This sessions are not as intensive but are individual to your puppy and the training is fun and positive to get your puppy to respond in the best way and ensure you have a happy puppy.

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