Dog Mum Teaches 8 week old puppies how to behave

dog mom

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I Just love this video, it just shows that dogs are not human and as owners humanising our dogs doesn’t do them any good in turns of behaviours, they’re dogs, they think like dogs and their behaviours and personalities are that of dogs.

Ok…SO you’ve watched the video? Great!

Why are dogs the best trainers?

Ok so this has two ways to look at it:

The first being dogs understand tones, how you say things and then body language…They’re body language experts and we might not pick up on these slight body language cue’s but dogs do. That’s why it’s good to understand what dogs do, and in that sense add that into our training of our dogs.

So the 8 week old puppies are going crazy until the mum comes in and and gives them a stern low growl/bark and air snap which within seconds calms most of them down and by the end most of them are lying down, ( even though raising puppies is nothing like raising kids) Now at no point was a “NO” used or a treat given, it was purely the dog mum’s tone and body language that the 8 week old puppies knew to listen to.

Now the seconds reason, dogs are the best people trainers as if we let them get away with it they train us, as dogs don’t have a great deal to do in the day apart from watch our behaviour and habits and then figuring how to use that to get what they want. so take Passive dominance for example, as much as you want to believe when a dog comes up to you, and then you fuss them or they bring a toy to you and you throw it, they are not showing affection, they are basically saying “fuss me here” or “play with me now” so when you follow through with that behaviour you are giving control back to them and following their passive dominance…so in turn the dog has just trained you to:

1. Give them attention and fuss when they come up to you on their terms.
2. Play with them on their terms.

Want to know more on passive dominance? Here is a great article to tuck in to.

So what can we do as dog trainers/owners?

Ignore your dogs passive dominance, ignoring is the highest form of dominance in the dog world, the alpha dog will only pay attention to the lower of thee pack dogs on his terms and we as owners if we want well behaved dogs need to follow suit as well. Now many owners or treat trainers do not want to believe this, but this is dog Psychology and even if they look far different from their wolf ancestors there behaviour is still the same, they are just more domesticated now.

So when your dog passes you that toy, ignore him and when he turns away get another toy and start play on your terms.

When your dog comes up to demand a fuss, ignore and then when she walks away, call her over for a fuss on your terms.


| Ignoring is the highest form of dominance


Now i’m not saying ignoring ALL your dogs behaviour will sort out issues as it will not, You only ignore any passive dominance, if you want to find out more about our training style and why we get continued results get in touch.

Hope this helps and if it did share with family and friends who will find this of use.

Until next time

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