Dog Owners “Corona Virus” Survival Cheatsheet

Dog Owners "Corona Virus" Survival Cheatsheet

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Dog Owners "Corona Virus" Survival Cheatsheet!

Corona Virus Smart – Surviving Corona

Virus With Your Dog

What is going on in this world right now?!?!

It’s slightly crazy right? Either most people re on social media or bulk buying toilet paper (not me)

Dog clients are asking a multitude of questions:

Can i walk my dog during self-isolation?

what about dog training during corona virus? 

Can i take my dog to the vets during lockdown?

Well in this blog post the Dog Owners “Corona Virus” Survival Cheatsheet I’m going to cover all that PLUS I’m going to give you some exercises to entertain and exercise your dog.

Plus if you read until the end, i’ll give you the link to my FREE webinar Dog Owners “Corona Virus” Survival Toolkit. In that video give you 6 great corona virus surviving boredom entertaining exercises to practice with your dog.

Sound good?

Ok let’s get to it.

Firstly I wanted to say I hope everyone is staying safe during theses very unique and crazy times during this coronavirus outbreak.

Literally everyone in the world is affected by this in one way or the other, So this short guide is going to address some of the common questions I’ve been getting asked regarding the Covid-19 crap.

What do we do with our dogs?

How do we exercise them?

Are dogs infected?

Etc, etc, etc!

How have you been personally affected during this Coronavirus?

Are you self-isolating or going about your daily business?

Email me directly and let me know:

Me and the family are self isolating currently to the guidelines by the government, we do follow the one exercise per day, which is where Lilla gets to burn of some steam, but apart from that we are in our house or garden.

The thing is as you know the most important thing when bringing a new dog home, be that a cute little puppy or a rescue dog (My expertise) adequate socialization is important, but I could never predict a world scenario like this that makes the above and dog training much more challenging to get out their and socialize.

Here the good thing, there’s some little work around, that I wanted to get in to with you because as new social norms are coming into place for the next few weeks, most likely MONTHS! We now have to re-evaluate how we give our dogs, especially puppies, rescue dogs or dogs with current behavioural problems the exercise, training and socialisation they need And believe me there will be a bunch of behavioral problems after this is all over.

So many questions...​

Before I get onto the tips, let me address the elephant in the room.

Can dogs get the virus currently? (15/03/2020)

The research currently says that dogs can’t become ill due to Covid-19 at this point in time, is also suspected dogs can’t transmit the virus to humans. So our dogs are safe!

Ok back to Socialization.

So keep in mind there is much more to socialization than lots of introduction with other humans and dogs at close range.

Socialization includes showing them everything you can and there are ways to do that and still be safe at the same time.

So it’s not imperative for your dog to socialize up close and personal. The goal can be exposure, so people or animals at great distances, so they can see or smell people from different proximities. This could even include in your garden, as the smell sense is still there with your dog.

Always also go at off peak times to avoid crowds (Yes people still don’t listen) Also as of this time writing this, Parks are still acceptable places and if you do decide to go out to a park I would strongly advise training your dog on a lunge lead, 10m lead.

This way you can massively keep your distance around everyone and still stay safe. This is also a great way to get your dog experiencing new smells and sights. But again KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.

believe me there will be a bunch of behavioral problems after this is all over.

How Do We Keep Our Dogs Occupied DuringThis Virus?

Well this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend lot’s of quality time with your dog(s) training them, it’s also a great way to keep you occupied and keep you from going stir crazy!

Leash walks

While we still can go out, One on the main issues I get from 
clients is walking to heel, so you can lot’s of priority to this, practice on your once a day daily exercise, practice in your garden or house. You have to adopt this “I’ve got all the time in the world” Attitude, unfortunately right now, a lot of us have. So get them walking how you want them too. Ideally walking to heel at the side of you.


Watch my video for leash reactivity here. The same principles apply.

Time for Fetch

It’s also a great time to start playing games and practicing recall (use a 
lunge lead) Grab a treat or toy and throw it away from the dog, once they get that treat or toy, Call their name and say command come. Repeat as many times as you like.

Keep reading to get your Free survival toolkit…

Surviving Corona Virus with your dog

Keeping Your Dog Active Indoors

It’s probably most important now more than ever to entertain and exercise your dog indoors, through the use of indoor actives, plus you get to bond that bit more with the beast Well that’s what I call mine anyway (No I mean the dog)

Ok let’s get to the good stuff:

1. The Crazy Box Puzzle!

Right! If you’ve been panic buying or random ordering or 
even a slight hoarder. Then most likely you have empty cardboard boxes.

Basically what you do is arranged the boxes on the floor and in a few of them put their favorite treat…let them sniffy. Voila easy peasy doggie entertainment. Repeat as necessary.

2. The Runaway and Hide Dog Seek

This one is fun…Plus gives you the exercise (Not the once 
per day one either) so you quickly go to hide anywhere in the house. Once hidden shout your dogs name a couple of times, then let them run aimlessly around the house trying to find you.

Shout their name a couple times more and if they don’t find you pop out of your hiding place, call them over and give them a big fuss.

Added bonus of this exercise is that it’s also got recall elements in with it too. BOOM! A two in one.


Bonus Exercise - Dog Treat Retrieve Game

Where’s My Food

If you know me you know I use butternut box as Lilla’s food 
choice, I would say now is the time to use a subscription delivery based dog food company, where you get the food delivered straight to your door. It gives you almost everything a dog needs in the diet (Except raw bone) If you’re interested use my code butternutbox/OneDogTraining to get 75% off your first order (Yes this is an affiliate link)

Ok hope this helped!

Stay safe and healthy during these crazy times.

Oh wait!

As promised here is the link to get your super duper Webinar Dog Owners “Corona Virus” Survival Toolkit

Where you’ll learn 6 great exercises to tire and entertain your dog…Trust me you’ll need them.

SO click the link and get your FREE gift now!

Until next time.

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