Dog Rescue In Derbyshire – Just For Dogs

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Dog Rescue In Derbyshire – Just For Dogs


Ok, so I might be a little biased with this rescue center as this was a dog rescue in Derby called Just For Dogs in Ashbourne where I got my then little pup, Lilla, from. Long story short, her Mum Marla came in pregnant when her then owners couldn’t cope anymore with, so they gave her to just for dogs, originally we were going to adopt Marla as we were expecting our first child in 4 months.

We ended up getting a puppy

So after finding out Marla (the mum) was already taken, we went to see the pups and there were three of the 9 left and as we were wanting a bitch, Lilla was the only one left. It was fate that we got her and we haven’t looked back since. It was Lilla who made us then get a trainer in to help us, which then led to me finding my passion and life career as a dog trainer and behaviorist.

So anyone looking to adopt a dog, I would highly recommend going to Just for dogs they also offer boarding services who when needed I take Lilla to also which for the price of £12 a night you cannot go wrong, they also feed raw as an option but also various kibbles or you bring your own.


| Just for Dogs was founded in August 1997 by a handful of like-minded people who simply wanted to rescue and re-home abandoned dogs. Founder members agreed that they would not get into any politics, rules, or regulations and therefore it was decided there would be no long list of committee members drawing up endless policies.


We also had a WhatsApp group community together for all the pups that were rehomed and some of us occasionally get together as a reunion.

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