Dog Training In Belper – Recall training

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Dog Training in Belper - Recall training

In the videos below, i work with a couple named James and Amy from Belper and their two lovely rescue dogs Butters and Blossom. They were a really great couple to work with, they listened, took everything on board and put it all in to action.

They had Butters and Blossom for a few weeks previously before getting in my services to train both their dogs, they had gone to Just For dogs in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, to look for a best friend and came away with both of these.

Butters and Blossom were previously strays as far as we know, so a home envioroment was strange to them, also was being “owned”. James and Amy got me in because they would just not go out for a walk, they were not wanting the collars or leads on, let alone walking to heel. so in the first session i worked on getting them used to their collars and leads and by a couple of days later James had them out walking on the lead.

The videos below are from our 3rd (last session) together. these are three recall lead training exercises to:

1. Get their attentiveness on their owner (alpha).

2. Practice in a safe way, to train recall on lead but to give them the impression they’re off-lead.


Recall Training part 1

Recall Training part 2

Recall Training part 3

By the end of this session the dogs were both mentally and physically stimulated. 10 minutes of this style of training, getting your dog to focus on you etc is the equivalent of 30 minutes of running around.

After this part of training the owners  decided to et them both of lead for a freedom sniff and play, but then to see how they would respond when coming back, as Butters has a stubborn streak. Well it started exactly like that, with them both running towards the exit, but in comparison to how the owners said they responded last time, we managed to get both dogs on lead within 3-5 minutes within just one session of practicing recall work.

Here is what james Brown had to say regarding the training he recieved.


James Brown
James BrownGoogle Review
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I had recently adopted two 3/4 year old dogs with baggage. Never had a home, shy, timid and what felt like impossible to get out the house. We desperately wanted to get them out for walks and exercise. We chose the obedience package. Sean shows and gives you the tools and tricks to get your dogs to listen to you, and most importantly to us to get them out into the outdoors and walking. It took one session and a few days training to achieve both dogs getting out and walking on the lead. By the end of the 3rd session and 7 weeks later we can comfortably take the dogs off the lead for a run, they listen and their confidence is 10 fold outside. Our dogs are much happier now and can enjoy the rest of their lives.
1572867946 imagemeta1
Happy owners James and Amy with Butters and Blossom
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  1. Pip Robertson

    Hi, at our whits end with our 1 year old golden retriever female. She’s a lovely and affectionate dog at home, but we really struggle with lead pulling and recall. Today’s walk has ended in tears! Please could you advise what classes she should attend (once they are able to be back up and running.) Thanks!

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