Dog Walkers In And Around Belper

Dog walkers in and around Belper

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Dog Walkers In And Around Belper.

We live in a world where every so often, life changes in different ways for the current inhabitants.

Several hundred years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to have people working on their farms, tending to their sheep and cattle, or being in the homestead tending to chores and other requirements.

Back then, dogs were either in the field helping to tend to sheep, or in the homestead watching the children play.

They had all the world to themselves.

Fast forward to this day and age.

People have moved into beautiful farms of concrete.

Some see people living on top of each other with fairly little room to run around and frolic in the grass.

The economic activities of people also mean that they have to be away from home for extended stretches of time.

If dogs have access to their ancestors’ memories, this must be a very difficult time for them.

Luckily though, they don’t have to sit cooped up in the apartment like a roosting hen.

They can get out and walk around until they’re absolutely exhausted, or smell everything along the way until they fall into a stupor. But how?

A dog walker in Belper is just what they need.

Here are some top-notch dog walkers.

1. Doggy Walks N’ Play.

Here is a group of people absolutely dedicated to keeping your dog in shape, and be able to let out some steam from being cooped up in the apartment.

They offer a variety of services apart from just walking the dogs.

They are based in Ellastone, but they offer their services to Belper, Duffield Brailsford and other surrounding areas.

Based in Ellastone , North Ashbourne.

Phone: 07841 020442


Woofs N’ Whiskers.

Whether your pup can be walked in a group or prefers to be walked individually, Woof N’ Whiskers can definitely work with them. All you need to do is give them a call and they can work out a plan with you, whether it is a house visit or a stroll to tire them out. They are based right in the heart of Belper.

Kingswood avenue, Belper

Phone: 07960 995128

Facebook: Woof N’ Whiskers

Rowell Pet Care.

Located at Old Farm in Belper, they offer a variety of services to a large group of pet owners. From rabbit boarding to horses, this just goes to show the passion they have for pets. Your pup will surely appreciate them when one of their walkers comes to get them out for a stroll.

Old Farm, Belper ,DE56 2LD
Phone: 07718 864323

Ilkeston Pet Sitters.

They may not have the resources that other walkers in this list have, but what they do have plenty of is passion. A passion to see that pup enjoying its life on a wonderful walk around the woods. A passion to see that pup is well taken care of when you’re away from home.

Based in Ilkeston

Phone: 07841 522 185 



Just from the fact that they have fur baby in their name speaks volumes on the kind of treatment that you pup will get from them. These are people who absolutely adore every kind of pup out there and definitely love taking them for walks.

Based in Belper

Phone: ??


No Frets Pet Care and Dog Walking.

Here are another group that are absolutely dedicated to keeping pets of various sizes and shapes happy. They do this through a variety of ways, from dog walking, to sitting them when you are away. In case you’re worried your pup may turn your apartment into a chew toy because of anxiety, you can also arrange some pet visits.

Based in Belper

Phone: 07786 836538


Belper Paw Patrol.

Whether or not they were influenced by the Nickelodeon TV Show Paw Patrol, it definitely doesn’t do justice to the love that the dog walker shows to every pup she meets. Just from how she speaks about them, how she has a penchant of photographing them at their happiest, this is a dog walker with a big heart, and an absolute love for what she does.   

based in Belper

Phone: 07891 476505

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