Dog Walks In Derbyshire – Milton and Foremarke Hall

Milton And Foremarke Hall

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Foremarke Hall Derbyshire

Dog Walks In Derbyshire - Milton and Foremarke Hall

In this blog series I’m going to give you multiple dog walks in and around Derbyshire, places to walk with the family and your doggie, across various landscapes of Derbyshire. You’ll experience dales and hills, unused railways, limestone and then moorlands, giving you the big picture of Derbyshire and the opportunities in walks it offers.

Derbyshire is truly one of the best counties to get up and take your dog on a walk and you out for some exercise, abundant with open countryside, forests, rivers, national parks and great off road paths. The thing is with all this the countryside is also scattered with sheep and dairy farming so making it harder to find areas to let your dog off leash in a safe environment. This blog post and those to come will include some great areas you can do just that.

Milton and Foremarke hall

This great walk only a few minutes from the South of the center of Derby but with that countryside esque feel about it, scattered with woods, a Derbyshire village of Milton and a walk through the grounds of a stately public school also. Don’t worry theres also a few woodland areas for your dog to be off leash and happily sniffing.

Where to park?

There is free roadside parking in Milton village right next to the phone box, on the main road (park as close to this as you can, this is near the starting point.

How to get there?

South of Derby, you can reach Milton by taking the A50 west from Junction 24 of the M1 or off the A38 near the junction A5132 heading towards Willington. From here it’s really straight forward, from Willington follow signs towards Repton  and Milton. We are also in the age of Google maps on our phones, so type in the address of Milton and follow the quickest or easiest route from where you’re located.

The Walking Route

1. From the centre of Milton near the phone box look for a footpath which leads eastwards past the houses and into a field, this is where our walk starts. Head down to the field, sticking to the left, once at the bottom you will see a stile, go over the stile and through a little woods which takes you to a footbridge over a stream. This leadsto another stile, follow the footpath signs to another stile which this time will lead to a gate easy for dogs to fit through, Continue through this field under electricity wires above you and into the next field, passing another stile.

2. Once into the third field pass the wooded area on your right and head towards the left side of the church, once you reach the track turn right onto it and beyond the church which will lead you to home farm. which will lead you to another gate leading into a footpath across yet another field, once you reach the end of the field tun left into the small woods and carry onto the path which will pass under some more electricity lines again. Follow the main route until you reach a crossroad at the end of the tracks. This is when you turn left at hangman’s stone. Walking down here will lead you to the main road.

3. When you reach the road, turn left and look out for another footpath to the left this will lead you into Heath Wood. Upon leaving the woods, continue down the path, where you’ll pass houses on your right, where you turn left into Foremark. Continue down the road through the school as this is also a footpath and continue until you see Foremarke Hall which is on the left and a lake to your right. This bring you out at a track where you turn left. You’ll now notice this track as you are again near the church once near where you started, follow back through the three feild sand back into Milton.

Advice for dog owners

So it goes without saying, as respectable dog owners to always pick up our dogs mess, and please dog pick it up in a poo bag and then hang it on a tree (yes it’s a thing i see this quite a lot) There is also a responsibilty as dog owners to keep ourselves, our dogs and then also other people and thier dogs safe and also wildlife.

As a dog trainer my recommendation is you should never let your dog off leash in an open space area if you cannot control your dog, so your dog has no recall, or if your dog does not respect your leadership. Firstly because there will be situations where you will need your dog on lead as soon as you call their name, other dogs or people, or livestock. Secondly for the safety of your dog.

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. If you did please share this with any and all you think it will benefit.

Until next time

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