Dog Walks Near Me – Derbyshire area

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Being a dog trainer in Derbyshire i mainly walk my dog in and around the derbyshire, I just love to get out in the country side or big forest, even though i live in the beautiful town of Belper thats 5 minutes walk in any direction and there are fields. Some of the places i find great dog walks near me and that include a cafe (You have to have a coffee stop on a good dog walk) are:

1. Elvaston castle country park

I pick this one as it has a mixture of fields, forests, lake and most importantly…a cafe. I would always ere with caution and double check areas before hand as this has had a history of Blue/Green Algae.

2. Markeaton Park

Again a good pick of Grassy areas, forests, water and cafe’s, it’s child friendly and a good way to socialise your dog, but is big enough to be on your own away from the crowds.

3. Allstree Circular walk

This has some options as it’s the largest open area in Derbyshire, so plenty of exercise for you or your doggie companion(s) and if you opt for the circular walk it’s a steady 5 or so miles. So pack a picnic or stop off at a cafe or restaurant on the way.

4. Monsall Trail

This is a walk that caters for dog walkers, cyclist and wheel chair users with great view of the peak district and old railway tunnels to explore, you have many options, start in Blackwell and end in Bakewell and try out one of their delicious Bakewell tarts (the best I’ve tried.

So those were 4 dog walks near me in derbyshire If the above is not enough to get started then check out here for more great walks.

If you found this of help, Then please feel free to like and or share this post with like minded people. If you like this post, you may like the post Dog Rescue In Derbyshire – Just For Dogs

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