Easily And Effortlessly Bond With Your Rescue Dog?

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Easily And Effortlessly Bond With Your Rescue Dog

Learn The Improved Quick Steps And Fun Exercise To Put A Smile On Your Dogs face

With rescue dogs numerous things can effect their training, it could be the personailty trait, previous training they’ve had or not had, there past experineces with humans so previous owners or other dogs, if they were stray dogs and more to boot. So I beilive when training a rescue dog to begin with it’s ALL about the fun and easy exercises, don’t worry it’s fun for you too.

In my training I like it to be fun as well in general as a dog always learns quicker but they always still need that leadership and like the previous chapter a great correction, the correction I teach in my training.

So the nice and easy new exercises I like to start with that are pressure free and scent games, sniffing and a dog having to use it’s smell sense is a big deal for dogs, your dog, it’s something we seem to forget about as well. It triggers dopamine release (So the happy hormone) and has been shown to increase confidence and reduce anxiety in dogs (so even better for the anxious rescue dog) so essentially it’s a natural stress reliever.  It’s also very much pressure free, so your dog can participate at their own leisure. Rememeber it’s FUN!

So when I first started to try these with Lilla, she was a bit hesitant, like she was “Wait a minute! What are you up to?” but soon as she realised it was a fun game where she got rewarded so both in treats (food) but lot’s of vocal praise.

it’s a quick, easy and fun way to bond effortlessly with your rescue dog, that is non aggressive and can be in a safe and calm manner that your dog will easily accept.

So because i’m nice to you i’ve created a video of one of the exercises i like to do with Lilla, I will warn you, your rescue dog will love this! (Oh and it does involve a little creativity)


Are you ready to train your rescue dog?

Now that exercise in the video above will keep your dog happy and entertained especially right now as i write during lockdown and self-isolation. I hope this video ages well…And me actually.

Again because i’m nice to you, sorry not video recorded this time here is exercise Number 2.

Hide and Treat

Now come on that name sounds interesting right? Well if not to you, your dog will love this, Another scent game to get your dogs smell senses on over drive and to keep them busy.

So here is how you do it.

  1. Grab a small handful of your dogs treats ( yes i said small, don’t want a podgy dog now)
  2. Go out side and scatter/hide treats all around the garden (can be in the house too) DONT let your dog see you do this.
  3. Once you have done this call your dog over outside and say “Go Find”

Now your dog might look at you quite confused when you give that command but do not worry, he’ll soon catch scent and be on the hunt for more. Now you can either leave them to it or interact when your dog is playing and hunting, praising when he finds the treat.

Great there you go! If you like the above exercises and games and found it useful you can:

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