Bull Terrier – Things You NEED To Know!

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Everything You Need to Know About the Bull Terrier.

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Probably the first thing that captivated you was the shape of the head of that Bull terrier pup you saw. It didn’t look like anything you could have imagined, and you certainly weren’t expecting a dog to look the way it does. But that’s not the only thing that captivated you about this dog.

It could also be the fact that it is just the right size. It is not too large in the mold of a German Shepherd, and it definitely isn’t small enough to put in your bag. It is at just the right heigh, and the right build. You just can’t get enough of this paradox.

Perhaps, it was the one feature that is found only on this breed of dog. The triangular eyes.

Yes, seriously. The triangular eyes contrasting against the shape of the head has to be one of the most natural works of art that a living being could carry with it. Add this to the fact that you have yourself a loving, and generally unbothered dog and you have the best companion that any pet owner would love to have.

This is the beauty that a bull terrier dog brings into your home.

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The history of the bull terrier is shrouded in unfortunate circumstances; the thirst for blood sports. Around the time that the bull terrier first came into being, there was a great clamoring for hunting dogs, as well as fighting dogs.

For this reason, the breeders of the age looked at two dogs that could accomplish either of those needs. These were the Old English Bulldog which was revered for its stocky build and explosive power, with the hunting prowess of the Old English Terrier.

This was the first occurrence of the Bull terrier pup but it still hadn’t manifested its signature egg head. The original breeder of the dog wanted the bull terrier to be an all-white dog. He also wanted to reduce the stop on the head. To achieve this, he ended up crossbreeding the resultant bull terriers with various other dog breeds to achieve the look he desired. These other breeds included the dalmatian, the whippet and the Spanish pointer among others.

The characteristic bull terrier that we know of today did not appear until the early 20th century when the dog with no stop was first achieved.         


 Even though the dog comes from unfortunate circumstances, this never had any negative effects on their temperament or other issues. If anything, the bull terrier is one of the best dogs to have around your children and your family. This is because of the even temperament that they have been known to exhibit, even when there is a child jumping up and down on its back and pulling its ears.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that this dog is easy going. If anything, this is not the dog that a new pet owner would want to have. This is because they are stoic and very independent. It takes an experienced hand to know how to handle a dog with such characteristics.

You will need to become a confident and strict leader if you are to get the bull terrier dog to live by the rules that you set for them. You will also have to maintain this consistency while exercising patience with the dog.

You will also need to socialize the bull terrier puppy from early on in life. As a terrier, they were specifically bred for their hunting instincts. If not properly socialized, they may try to hunt down the

If you choose to have a bull terrier, be ready to become the most active dog owner in your town. This is because the bull terrier puppy is an always busy dog. They are always exploring and keeping themselves busy with whatever they come across. If you were looking for something that would laze around the house all day, this definitely isn’t it.

While the dog doesn’t make such a good pet for first time owners, they do make the perfect companions for older children. They bond very well with the families they live with and can easily match the energy older children have, what with running around the garden and being generally rambunctious.  

Exercise & Training

If you decide to settle on a bull terrier, be assured that you are not bringing a couch potato into your home. If anything, your first night with it will be a hive of activity if you are getting one from a shelter. Even if they do manage to be still that night, every other one after that will not be.

This is because this breed developed from two breeds that already are high energy. And then the conditioning they were placed in meant they had to be of high energy if they were to achieve the aims set for them, no matter how grim they seem.

As a result, the bull terrier dog is quite an energetic dog that needs a significant amount of activity to get through the day. This can be accomplished through various long walks throughout the day. If you have a yard, a variety of dog specific toys will help them exercise as needed.

These dogs enjoy engaging in different activities with their people. This can include activities such as obedience, agility courses, tracking and the occasional hike through the woods.

If you are looking at getting a bull terrier, it would be best to have in mind that they are stoic, independent and most important, fun loving. These pups will expend a lot of energy to have fun, and it ends up becoming their singular focus. In some cases, the dogs will not do anything if they find that it is not fun.

General Care

he bull terrier is a generally healthy dog. However, each breed is known for developing certain illnesses either according to their physical makeup, or as a result of genetics. A good example of this is with the larger dogs experiencing hip dysplasia as a result of their size.

The selective breeding of the dog to get the desired white color meant that the dog developed certain issues. It is for this reason that other breeds were introduced to help reduce these genetic issues. When looking for a bull terrier, it would be best to get one with a brindle coat as they are considered healthier than the others.

These are the issues that a bull terrier dog will face

  • Deafness: This is a particular issue with the white members of the breed. This can affect one or both ears with the white dogs, and only affecting one ear with the colored dogs. It is for this reason that it is highly recommended that the pup should undergo a Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER) test to ensure the pup you are holding has both ears working. A visit to the vet or your nearest bull terrier club could help point you to a specialist. A dog who is deaf in one ear can lead a normal life. For one who is deaf in both, they will need specialized training to help them get through every day life.

  • OCD: Better known as obsessive compulsive disorder is where a dog becomes solely interested in chasing their own tail. For the severe cases, the dog will chase its own tail for hours on end. In those cases, they may even eschew taking food and water for the sole purpose of chasing their own tail. The spinning around could also be as a result of a seizure that the dog is experiencing. The seizure can be treated easily with medication provided by a vet. For those that have developed this out of habit rather than illness, it would be best to provide them with alternate means to which they can eliminate the boredom they have been experiencing.

  • Heart disease: This is not a preserve of bull terriers as these issues is also common in other dog breeds. However, it is the severity of the issue that means it becomes top priority. A bull terrier can have heart defects with heir structure that end up affecting heart function. Not all cases are equal; some may be more serious than others. The only way to know is to get a cardiac ultrasound conducted. Some of these issues can be sorted as the dog grows, and the dog will continue living happily without an issue. Some may require various forms of treatment ranging from medication to surgery.


The bull terrier is definitely a beautiful dog to have around you. From terrible beginnings, the dog has become something of a staple in homes that love having dogs around. They are a great companion not only for you as the owner, but also for your children. Think of the pup as that friend you need and that partner in crime. You can never get into trouble while your pup stands by.

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