How to Stop Puppy Jumping Up

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So you’ve bought you little puppy back home, part of the pack…into your life. Everything they do is cute, how can you tell of this little ball of cuteness. Then the puppy jumping up, mouthing and biting, toileting and generally not listening kicks in and you realise, ok it’s time to put some rules and boundaries in place or call in a dog behaviourist and trainer.

Why does your puppy jump up?

A puppy jumps up for a couple of reasons, the general opinion is it can sometimes be over excitement or attention seeking, but regards to our training at one dog training its either one of two things:

  1. Hunger (Dogs jump up to see if you have food, licking is another hunger trait)
  2. Dominance (Have you ever seen two dogs play? it’s usually a battle of who’s the dominant and this usually includes gaining height over the other one.

So with that being said what do you need to do to stop a puppy jumping up?

So how do i teach my puppy to stop jumping up?

First change their diet, to something natural. This is something we advise within our training and go in to much more detail.

Secondly see if it’s a dominance thing, are they just jumping up you? Or are they jumping up other family members? you have two options to go for:

  1. You can ignore the jumping up and turn your back on them, then praise them when all 4 paws are on the ground (usually takes longer this way)
  2. You can correct that behaviour, now at one dog training we don’t use the word “NO” we use more of a growl, basically how a mum dog would tell of her puppies. Again we go into detail in our Puppy One Session and Puppy Package

Now with any form of dog training it takes time and at some point it will seem like training is going one step forward, two steps backwards. Just remember dogs love consistency and the more consistent you are the quicker you can train your dog.

So if you go the route of Ignoring remember:

  • Once you’ve ignored, turn your back on them.
  • Then wait for all fours to be on the floor and praise them (voice only, no physical fuss)
  • Consistency is key, so make sure all the family is on board and not going to encourage jumping up.
  • Training takes time, so be in it for the long run.

If you decide the above training is not going to work and you want to go for option 2 Then head over to the Training Packages page and see what we offer.

Hope this post helped out and gave you more knowledge on how to stop puppy jumping up.

Please share with family or friends that you may think this will help.

Until next time

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