How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

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How To Stop Your Dog From Barking.

Ah, the fur babies. They are the only way to get a piece of heaven with you on earth without having to worry about turning blind from all the brightness.

However, they do come with their own problems. From toileting wherever they feel should be a signpost of their territory, to some getting the idea that biting you is a way of showing the love they feel.

However, there is one that is generally disturbing, especially in neighborhoods where such is frowned upon.

This is when they decide its too peaceful for them not to sing the song of their people. Sometimes, it can be from a combination of other factors.

The good thing though, it is possible to train your dog to not bark without having a reason to.

 But, how can you go about training your dog not to bark at anything and everything?

1. Remove the obvious reasons why.

A dog may bark out of a need to mark its territory, or warn others from making a move on their territory. 

This is usually when they see things that alarm them, or their sharp ears tell them something’s up. 

This is a reason why dogs mostly bark along windows, fences, gates, or chase after cars.

To stop this, simply use privacy fencing to stop the dog’s view of the world beyond the fence.

If you live in an apartment, you will have to use a variety of methods such as not opening the blinds, or using a spray-on glass coating to block their view of the outside.

2. Set up a safe zone.

Does your dog bark every time you leave home? 

If yes, then your dog may be barking out of separation anxiety.

To solve this, you will need to set up a safety zone inside the house to stop them from barking. 

This could be a disused bedroom, or a crate they could call their own.

This safe zone will need a number of creature comforts to distract them from what they’re thinking and feeling.

These could include a comfortable pet bed, a sturdy chew toy they could take their frustrations out on. 

To stop them from being distracted by noises, you could use an old radio to set up some soothing music, or relaxing music for dogs.

3. Ignore them.

Your dog may be using their bark to get your attention.

And this will usually work as most owners will turn to them to shush them. 

Some may even shout to get them to keep quiet.

 Have you noticed your dog gets more excited when you do that? 

That’s because they think you are barking with them.  

Once the barking starts, turn your back to them. 

Do this as often as possible until they get to a place you want them to. 

Whenever you turn your back and they keep quiet, reward them for it.

Give them a treat in the form of vocal praise. 

This will communicate to the dog that keeping quiet is the desirable behaviour.

Hire a Dog Trainer

If you are failed to stop your dog from barking than you need a professional dog trainer. They know how to manage dogs behavior. 

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