How To Train A Puppy – Everything you NEED to Know!

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5-Step Guide: How To Stop A Puppy From Biting


Stop a puppy from biting

How to Stop A Puppy from Biting?

Puppies are like warm fuzzy balls of happiness. If happiness had a mouth and a mouth that was full of tiny needles, luckily with a little training, you could teach your pup to keep those teeth in his mouth and off your skin.

But before we get into the discussion, let’s take a moment to understand why pups bite?

Puppies Bite for Two Major Reasons:

First, because they’re very smart and curious animals and they like to engage the world around them. And, as they don’t have hands, the only way for them to explore the surrounding is where their mouth and that makes a lot of sense.

Second, because they’re teething. Teething puppies like to bite a lot less pent up energy that your dog has the less likely it is that they’re going to be really insistent biters.

How to Train A Puppy NOT To BITE?

A puppy’s biting is an unavoidable aspect of a puppy’s life, and it can sometimes be frustrating and painful.

All the approaches I mentioned in addressing the problem of puppy squashing are specifically intended for puppies under the age of about six months.

So, remember that if you have other problems that may be a little more serious than just puppy bites, or if you are dealing with a bigger, older and stronger dog, these tips might not be the most appropriate fit for your needs.

I would recommend that you contact a “dog trainer near me” to make sure you get the right information to help keep both you and your dog safe.

Without any further ado, let’s dig in here how to train a puppy not to bite.

Step 1. Let Your Puppy Bite You

Seriously, puppies learn about the world with their mouths, and they play with other puppies with 30 other puppies. Only get mad about the hardest bites, and that’s how they learn by ambition. Which is when your pup knows the difference between a bite that’s too hard. And a bite that’s just. Right. So, for now, play with your puppy and let him bite you.

Step 2. Alert Your Puppy

When your puppy bites too hard Yelp or say Ouch. The noise should be enough to startle YOUR PUP INTO LETTING GO.


how to train your dog not to bite

Step 3. Show Dissatisfaction

Ignore your puppy for the next 10 to 20 seconds.

I know it’s hard to ignore those sweet puppy eyes, but the only thing your dog really wants is your attention. So, stop playing, calmly, and move away and ignore.

Ignore your puppy is the most unpleasant of all experiences, but to train and make him friendly, you have to endure the pain and do the necessary deeds.

Puppies need to play. If your fur baby has no outlet for his energy, the furry fury might return.

Step 4. Play More

After the timeout period (10 to 20 seconds) go back to playing with your pup. Repeat the Ouch and ignore process any time he bites too hard. Soon your puppy will learn that hard bites put a pause on playtime.

Step 5. Take Things to The Next Level

Start saying ouch and ignoring your pop for medium-strength bites. Then start doing it anytime your puppy puts his mouth on you. Soon he’ll learn that teeth don’t belong on human skin at all.

But remember. Puppies need to play. If your fur baby has no outlet for his energy, the furry fury might return.

Give him an exciting chew toy or play games like tug of war and fetch to teach him what he’s allowed to put his teeth on. If your pup slips up and accidentally and gets your finger during a game of tug remember to call foul and 20 second time out.

Continue these steps every day for a period of 3 to 4 weeks, and soon your puppy will be a perfect angel instead of the needle tooth little ankle-biter that he is today.

So, I hope this guide on how to train a puppy not to bite will be of assistance to you and but if you are a new adopter, then you might be interested in learning possible ways to effectively house train your puppy.

If so, go to the next section where I have discussed five simple steps How to toilet train a puppy.

Want to know more? Click pages 3,4 below to find out!

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