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I have good news for you. The One Dog Training also provides its services in Leicestershire.  My name is Sean Purdy, and I am a professional dog behavioral therapist and trainer. 

Our training strategies are ethical and compassionate. Dogs and other animals use body language to communicate with each other. They also understand the voice tone of humans, here at One Dog Training we strive for the same techniques.

So, the dogs can also enjoy the techniques and playful activities used to avoid unwanted behavior. We successfully support all the behavioral concerns of dogs at One Dog Training that will help to make them alert, relaxed, and reliable family members.

Dog training is my dream passion and it’s a pleasure for me to share this knowledge and experience with all of you so that you can chill and enjoy your fur babies every day. For me, seeing the success of dogs and the joy their owners feel is pretty rewarding. We provide our training services at your place to make it more suitable for you and your dog. We will take your dog out when needed.  I will also teach you different training techniques, that can help to develop better communication skills between you and your dog.

Now you can easily find our most successful programs for training here. Every dog is different from others and so their training needs are. A dog training class cannot meet the needs of all the dogs at a time. Therefore, we provide personalized dog training, for each dog to provide you and your pet with quicker results.   

Behavioral problems  

Most of the behavioral issues in dogs are triggered by stress or anxiety. Different dogs show different signs of depression such as continual barking, offensive behavior, aggression, separation anxiety, skin problems, and object defending actions. But there is nothing to worry about, as I am here to assist you in learning how to train and interact with your beloved dog. We will also help you tackle issues like leash pulling, poor recall, sibling competition, toileting, and many other things. If you are thinking of adopting a new puppy, then it’s a great idea to get him trained for a perfect start with him. At One Dog Training we offer training for many behavioral issues that include: 

  • Constant barking
  • Toileting inside the building 
  • Jumping
  • Mouthing and biting 
  • Authoritative actions 
  • Pulling off the leash
  • Lead Job   
  • Abuse against individuals
  • Attacking on other dogs    

We can always learn something from the learning abilities and behavior of animals. We not only train your dogs but will also educate you as the dog owner in many different ways.

  • We will train you to communicate with your dog in a better way.
  • We will help you to understand the reason behind the dog’s behaviors so, you can discourage their unacceptable actions.
  • You might be facing several behavioral concerns of your dog. No matter what the problem is, I guarantee that I have dealt with almost every issue that come from a lot of dog owners. So, feel free to discuss any issues you are having as I can surely give a solution for that and will never judge.

We all love our dogs very much and they become a major part of our lives. No doubt that dogs are human’s best friends but sometimes they misunderstand our endless affection and love. They try to dominate, and you have to “Take the lead.” It is not their fault because their natural instincts urge them to do so and they perceive you in the wrong way.

The perfect Dog Trainer

I am an experienced Dog Trainer and a behavioral therapist. My experience as a dog owner and trainer will do wonders for you and your furry friend. All these years, I have gained more and more experience while working as a behavioral therapist and dog trainer. One Dog Training is my dream career and I feel extreme pleasure while meeting new dogs and new owners every day. I also help to put your dog back in synchronization with you after the perfect training. It will aid to make things normal again between both of you.  The basic home-based training would be easy to execute and enjoyable for you as well. 

I guarantee 100% results right after the first session if you take my super-effective training services

The mindful training also keeps your dog occupied and he will feel tired after only half an hour. One Dog Training is available in the East Midlands areas and Derby as well. The in-house training gives you a solution to all doggy issues that include:   

  • Toileting  
  • Mouthing
  • Aggressive behaviors i.e. biting 
  • Damaging actions
  • Basic Commands of Training
  • Adherence   

Starting puppy training at the right age is really necessary. It will educate them about good and bad behaviors from the start and help to maintain their rightful place in the house. My training sessions are not stressful. Moreover, personalized training for every puppy, makes it fun for them and gives the best results. My goal is to make sure that the puppy you have is well mannered and happy.     

To get in touch and to inquire about my effective methods of training, press the button below. You can hire the perfect dog trainer for your dog in Leicestershire.    

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