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Our online training session support you and your dogs training goals wherever you are. In this busy non stop time, we understand fitting in one-to-one in person training sessions can be difficult, where as online, you’re in the comfort of your own home, grab a pen and paper, a coffee, oh and don’t forget your dog.

I bring my expertise as dog behaviorist and rescue dog whisperer in a one-to-one online training session, individualized and catered for you and your dog. This way you don’t have to go out of your way, we can go through personalized training related challenges or goals you have and want the help that only a experienced and knowledgeable trainer can give, all in the comfort of your own home.

Online Training Benefits

  • One-on-one undivided training
  • Flexibility of location schedule
  • Training handouts and PDF’s 
  • Customized tailored plans
  • Email and Telephone support
  • Experienced and knowledgeable leadership based training

What this Training Can Help With

  • General Obedience
  • Lack of leadership
  • Puppy training ( Toileting, Mouthing, Crate training)
  • Lead work and recall training.


    (For any behavioral work, aggression, separation anxiety, resource guarding etc, a personal one to one in person session is advised)

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Online Training Sessions

Pay As You Train Sessions

One-off Consultation (45 Minutes) – £50
Follow Up Sessions (60, 45, or 30 Minutes) – £50, £35, £25


Online Puppy Power – 3 Hours for £140 (Super 5% savings)

Online Obedience Star – 5 Hours for £225 (Epic 10% savings)

Online Behavioural Master – 7 Hours for £295 (Amazing +15% savings)

(One-off Consultation and Follow up sessions can be applied to Package hours)


Thank you! 🙂 Had a one hour online session with Sean and it was really enjoyable and made a difference before we'd finished! Would highly recommend!🐶🐶 Sean had previously contacted me to ask what problems we were having, and tailored the session around those. First we started with the basics of WHY the dog is doing what they do, things to avoid doing which exacerbate the problem. Finally he walked us through the way to correct the dogs, helping us with technique and commands, correcting how we completed it and offering further tips for problematic scenarios. Even after the hour, the dogs were listening to commands and accepting the corrections better, not perfect but after an hour it made a huge difference! Now to put it into consistent practice!

Linden Weaver - Derbyshire


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