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"My passion and love for dogs, combined with knowledge and experience to help people is why i created One Dog Training.

Sean Purdy – Rescue Dog Whisperer

In helping others, you’ll help yourself. A lot of my younger years I strived to help just myself until I realised that in helping others, you’ll help yourself, it wasn’t until I got my dog, Lilla from a rescue shelter, that I recognised how exactly I could do just that.

Lilla was a very difficult puppy, and on top of having a new born baby boy, we were struggling to cope as a family. Things were getting worse, we tried out puppy socialization classes but they really didn’t work as too many puppies and too much excited, but the thing with puppy socialization classes are you don’t get the one-to one help so was at a loss until we got help from a dog behaviourist who taught me how to teach Lilla how to behave.

It’s funny how the universe works as by bringing Lilla in to our home, we needed a dog behaviourist in to help us, which then made me realise how to actualise my passion and follow my dream.

Well fast forward and I’m now an experienced dog trainer in Derby, whose love of dogs, combined with my knowledge and understanding of them, can help other owners succeed with their doggie issues. I find it extremely fulfilling to see that I help to create a much happier balance between owner and dog.

I help teach owners how to talk dog and understand dog psychology. I explain why your dog is doing what they do, dog hierarchy and why it’s important for you to be the top dog in your pack.

With your commitment and my dedication the method of training I teach produces very quick and long lasting results. I know this because it is what I use with my own dog, Lilla.


Before you take a deep dive into what’s to come, you may be apprehensive as to what it contains, and why you should read it. Yes, your time is valuable and here’s a little synopsis over what this article will cover.

  1. Why you need a dog trainer.

  2. The kind of training that’s offered.

  3. Who gets the training?

  4. Who does the training?

    Why You Need A Dog Trainer?

Oh, those little fluffs, they make everyone around them so happy. However, that’s not always the case. They may look completely harmless and charming to you who will walk away from them after an hour or two, but what does the parent have to endure?

The parent may have to endure certain uncouth behaviours such as passive dominance, refusing instructions, biting or mouthing, aggressive behaviour to both people and other dogs, among other things.

 If left unattended, living with that dog is going to be an absolute handful, and some can even be dangerous as the dog will not respect the parent.

The kind of training is offered?

Even though dogs may be famous for some of the traits of their breeds, ultimately, they are individuals. And these individuals have their own personal traits.

 Some may be the cool gangsters who just chill on the sofa, others may be the prima donnas who can’t take it when they’re ignored.

The training is an insight into the psychology of the dog, an ultimately getting to teach them the same things that every parent wants of their fur babies. 

This means observation and typing of the personality, and then coming up with the precise teaching modalities for that individual.

Who gets the training?

The first part is self-explanatory. Your fur baby is the most obvious beneficiary of this training.

Getting them to go toilet in a designated area is a wonderful step to having a live-in pet, whether it is at your apartment in town, or a home with a healthy amount of space.

But that’s just a part of it. You, the parent, does play a big role in how your pup will be trained.

 What this means is that you will also need to get some training, to enable you better handle your pup, and to maintain its training discipline. 

It wouldn’t make sense to train a pup, only for the parent to not utilise any of the training. Regression will happen, fast.

Who does the training?

Out here, there are many people who claim to be able to train dogs. 

They may have had success with individuals who were generally interested in learning. 

However, some individuals are a bit more of a handful than others. 

These are the individuals that need a trained professional to handle them.

The resident professional of one dog training is Sean Purdy.

 Even though he may try to blend into the pack of pups with his beard, this should not distract you from the wealth of experience he is carrying. He is a well-known dog behavioural therapist on top of being a dog trainer.

Want to know more about how your pup can be winner of the most behaved trophy? Contact us or come visit us now!

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