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Private Lessons

Private Lessons help give you and your dog or puppy one-one-on training with a specialised, knowledgable and understanding behaviourist so you can help your dog (Yes! I said Y.O.U) transform into the best version of themselves. What ever your training needs or goals, from greeting other dogs or humans politley, walking to heel on lead or exceptional recall because they understand you’re the leader in this pack, Private one-on-one sessions are the best way to kickstart that training. All training packgages are custom tailored to yoyr dogs needs to meet thos traiing goals.

Our varying lessons and packages can focus on topics and skills, including:

  • Puppy: Puppy obedience, Puppy mouthing, biting or chewing, toilet training, crate training, puppy socialisation, puppy leadership training. – Recommended package: Puppy Power.

  • Obedience: Polite greetings with dogs and humans, no jumping up, no barking, doorbell manners, loose leash walking, obedience commands, recall training when called and with distractions and more!. – Recommended Package: Obedience Star

  • Behavioural: Reactivity or aggression towards dogs or people (barking, lunging, biting), separation anxiety, fear or noise reactivity, resource guarding and more! – Recommended Package: Behavioural Master

  • Rescue Dogs: Now sometimes with rescue dogs depending on history, some might attack and some might give up and go in on them selves, very simular to the behavioral but sometimes more time and specialised training is needed. – Recommended Package: Behavioural Master

  • Adventure walks: For those who want more specialised training when taking your best mate for a walk in the hills, Recall work, long lead work, outdoor fitness training and more! Recommended Package: Hourly Rate

  • And More! If you don’t see above what you’re wanting then please get in contact and we can help determine if any of the above packages are for you and your dogs goals.

Step 1: Consultation

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Step 2: Training Packages

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Here is where the magic happens….

At our Initial Consult session (1 Hour), we go straight into your wants, training goals and why you’re here with your dog. You’ll meet directly with me Sean Purdy in the comfort of your own home. We’ll talk about why your dog is doing what they’re doing, dog behaviour and dog psychology and leadership training and  then the first steps needed to help you and your dog work towards your training goals. By the end of this consult you’ll know the specialised training method (Vocal correction) to get your dog responding to you Quickly.

Then we’ll advise on the best follow-up package to achieve these goals. After your consult, you’ll also receive a follow-up email from me with training and dietary handouts and notes to guide you and your dogs first steps.


Continue Training with follow-up lessons!

Ok so you’ve got to this stage, well done1 The next step towards reaching your goals now is to continue building on the foundational skills i taught you that we went over in the Consultation.

Thats through these follow up sessions ideally 2 Hours each, but if needed theres flexibility depending on your dog’s needs. 

In these sessions we’ll continually build upon the leadership training needed for the goals you want to achieve through varying exercsies, behavioural modifications, vocal correction and praise.

At the initial consultation we’ll have discussed what below package is recommended and the most beneficial for you and your dog to fully progress in your training goals.

Puppy Power: 3 Hours for £200
Obedience Star: 6 Hours for £380 (Super 5% Savings)
Behavioural Master: 9 Hours for £540 (Epic 10% Savings)

Hourly Rate: £75

(Phone and email support for the lifetime of your dog)



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After all the training has finished, you should have that stronger owner to dog bond you’ve been waiting for. Picture those long off-leash walks, that perfect loose lead walking, a calm and polite greeting with dog or human or even a happy goodbye when you go to work.

All this training, the consistency and compassion you have put in to yours and your dogs welfare has paid off. You’ve created that harmonious balance between dog and human.

Our private one-on-one training session will give you and your dog all the skills necessary to go on and explore what life has to offer you both.

Look forward to training you.

Private Sessions FAQ


  • The amount of session needed will depend on the type of training needed, so for example if you need help with pulling on the lead or jumping up this will be a lot quicker than if you need behavioural work like dog on dog aggression, which takes much longer. Also the severity of the behavioural issue . It will also depend on your commitment to the training and being consistent with the training i give between our session. At the consultation i will be able to give you an estimated number of amounted session you may need and what training package to go for.


  • So with owners and households with more than one dog there is an extra charge of £100 but depending on how many issues all your dogs have will also depend on the training package I advise. So keep in mind depending if we are working on multiple dogs with varying training goals then the 9 hour session may be needed.


  • If you have to cancel or reschedule a session with me, please give 7 days notice so it goes enough time to offer your session time to someone else waiting to schedule. We understand things in life may get in the way unexpectedly which why we try to be flexible as much as possible. (Cancelation on the initial consultation short of the 7 days notice will be less the £30 non refundable deposit.)