Puppy Toilet Training 101

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One of the common issue i come across from clients when getting a puppy is regarding puppy toilet training, usually being told that the puppy is toileting all in the house, even after use of training pads and scolding the puppy and then the question…

How can i stop my puppy toileting in the house?

Well i’m here to help with puppy toilet training, few things to consider:

  • Do you really need to use training pads?
  • Are you crate training?
  • Are you use a “toileting word” when your puppy is toileting?
  • Are you using verbal praise after the act of toileting?

Ok so if you’re not crate training i would start, the main reason is it’s a great aid to start to train them to hold in their business, now it’s not a magic crate, depending on the puppies age, so if two months it will be around two hours, 4 months about 4 hours and 6 moths about 6 hours after this you don’t need to worry as much. Regarding crate training and help with unnecessary barking find great tips at soundproofpanda

So once started to crate train be sure to feed in crate to begin with as dogs will not soil where they eat, obviously if you keep the puppy in the crate longer than the time it can hold it in, then they will mess in the crate, so it’s little by little and making it positive as much as possible.

So there’s six main times a puppy needs to toilets:

1. Upon waking
2. Before Bed
3. After a nap
4. After play
5. After eating
6. After drinking

So that being said you now have 6 times to remember to get your pup outside to stop your puppy toileting inside.

Toilet Training your Puppy to go Outside

So now you know the times when a puppy needs to toilet, you need to know what and how to get your puppy to toilet outside. This is where the toileting word comes in hand and plenty of vocal praise

So there are two things you need to do:

1. When your puppy is outside and starts to toilet say you toileting word so for example “wee, wee” and keep saying this word for the duration of the toileting.

2. As soon as your puppy has done their business, give the biggest vocal praise “GOOD BOY/GIRL”

So now you have the knowledge to get your puppy toilet trained out in the garden and not in the house. Do you want to take your puppy training to the next level and learn how to get your puppy to toilet out on walks and any other puppy obedience training, then get in touch here.

So hope this helped and if you think this will help others, share with your family and friends.

Until next time

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