Puppy Training One Session

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Puppy Training in Derby – Puppy training near me

There is nothing more enjoyable than bringing a puppy into your household, but this can quickly turn into what seems like a ‘bad idea’ if you don’t give your puppy the rules and boundaries it needs to be a great member of your family. the puppy Training One Session that we offer will help you both understand each other. It will stop any undesirable behaviour from becoming normal, and give your puppy the clear boundaries it needs to grow in to the loving pet you deserve. Getting training correct from the start of your puppy’s life means an enjoyable future for all of you.

You need the puppy training one session if…

  • They are not following commands – Is your puppy not listening to you?
  • They are biting – Is your puppy mouthing or biting you?
  • They are uncontrollable – Do you want general obedience and command training?
  • They are not behaving on the lead – Is your puppy pulling on the lead or refusing to walk?
  • eating well or eating too much – Do you want advice regarding healthcare and diet?
  • Are you asking yourself “Wheres the best puppy training near me?”

The puppy one off is targeted towards first-time puppy owners, puppy owners and future puppy owners who are looking for general obedience training and who want to get their puppy listening to them.

What’s included in the puppy training near me session? 

  • 1 x 3 hour session
  • Training is at your home so that the environment is familiar to your puppy
  • Additional email and phone support for further help with training
  • Detailed handouts and a written tailored training plan for your puppy
  • Support with your puppy’s diet
  • Option for further training sessions if required