Puppy Training Package

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Puppy Training Package

There is nothing more enjoyable than bringing a puppy into your household, but this can rapidly turn into what seems a ‘bad idea’ if you don’t give your puppy any rules or boundaries to follow. the Puppy Training package will help you both understand each other right from the start of your lives together. This means a happier future life for all of you.

You need this puppy Training package if…

  • They are not following commands – Is your puppy not listening to you?
  • They are biting – Is your puppy mouthing or biting you?
  • They are not being obedient – Do you want general obedience and command training?
  • They are not toilet trained – Is your puppy toileting in the house?
  • They are unsettled – Is your puppy whine in the middle of the night?
  • They are anxious – Is your puppy not coping when you leave the house?
  • They are destroying your home – Is your puppy eating shoes, furniture, etc..?
  • They are not lead trained – Is your puppy pulling on lead r refusing to walk?
  • They are fussy eaters or eating too much – Do you want advice regarding healthcare and diet?

The puppy Training package is targeted towards first time puppy owners, puppy owners and future puppy owners. It include two follow up face-to-face appointments so that more issues can be tackled and progress can be monitored to ensure you get the best results for your puppy’s training.

What’s included in the puppy package?

  • bespoke training package for your puppy
  • personality profiling of your puppy
  • 1 x 3 hour session
  • 2 x 1-2 hour revisit
  • Training at your home so your puppy is in a familiar environement for their training
  • Email and phone support for the duration of your puppy’s training
  • Detailed handouts and written training tailored to your puppy
  • Dietary advice
  • Option for further training support if required