The Raw Feeding Pet shop in Derby – T.D.B Pet Supplies

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The Raw Feeding Pet shop in Derby – T.D.B Pet Supplies


So this is my nearest local dog shop that sells raw Chicken Carcess so not your run of the mill Butchers dog food then, The owner Scott is one of the most friendly guys I know, easy to talk to, has time for you, and knows what he’s talking about. Regularly has in a stock chicken carcass and lamb bones. Now for 10kg of Raw meaty bones for only £12.50 you cannot go wrong to feed your dog raw.

Scotts Shops T.D.B Pet Supplies also sells Dog supplies including bulk kibble, dog treats, dog accessories, and other animal-related food or equipment.

T.D.B Pet Supplies is located in Stanley Common, Just outside of Ilkeston, and is open Tuesday to Friday 10 AM – 6 PM and Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM. I would always give him a ring beforehand to see what he has in stock.

The shop number is 0115 837 4500 and he accepts cash only currently.

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