Rescue Dog To Super Dog – Book Excerpts

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Rescue Dog To Super Dog - Book Excerpts

Take A Sneak Peek Inside My New Book -Rescue Dog To Super Dog

Right! let’s get to it. I want to share a couple of pages from my new book Rescue Dog To Super Dog. I’m super excited to finally get all my knowledge down on paper and bring it to you in book format. You’ll learn so much from this…Well as long as you’re consistent. *Spolier Alert* I mention Consistentcy in this book a lot, i have to as it’s up to you to follow through with the training i give, now i say i’m a dog trainer but really what i do and what I’m great at is teaching you the owner how to train your dog.

Ok enough waffle for now, have a sneak peek at my book.

Rescue Dog To Super Dog
Rescue Dog To Super Dog

What Did You Think?

Did you like it?

Well it’s only two pages so not enough to go from but i give you absolute golden nuggets in the form of knowledge…my dog training knowledge that will help you and your dog out.

In this comprehensive guide you’ll learn::

  • How to quickly gain control and place you as the calm and confident leader and get immediate respect from your dog – basically a happy dog.
  • How to effectively talk dog so you can tap into their pre-programmed traits to resolve any behavioural issues. No more reactivity, no more barking, no more pulling, no more aggression or separation anxiety.
  • How to use leadership and play to easily entertain and bond with your rescue dog, so that when you’re on a walk, you’re the most interesting thing to your dog, even if there are other dogs, birds or people.

  • There's even more, you'll also learn:

    • How to create calm consistent walks, without having to worry about your arm being pulled out of it's socket.
    • How to easily leave the house while your dog is happy and calm in their bed...No more seperation anxiety!
    • How to get great recall, through games and exercises that when you call your dogs name, your dog will come to you.
    • How to apply my BONUS secret method to get dogs immediately responding to you...This is the part where we talk dog.

    Worry no more, because rescue dog to super dog has all the answers to your problems.

    Keep an eye out for when I launch and then head on over to amazon and click the BUY NOW button

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