Rescue Stories – Pepper The Rescue

pepper the rescue

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Rescue Stories - Pepper The Rescue

From The Loss Of One To The Love Of Another

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How it all began...

Pepper started her UK life known as Mery. In October 2018 we lost our beautiful brave Socks, our 2nd rescue dog, to cancer. We were heartbroken. 

However, after a couple of weeks it became very clear that our home was far too sad and empty without a fur baby around so we had a look for another gorgeous pooch to love. 
Just For Dogs were our second port of call and I can honestly say we were blown away by the set up and the staff there before we even looked at the dogs. 
I’ll admit now that we were originally going to look at a certain dog in particular. His name was Rocky. We had seen him online and had kind of fallen in love with him. As it was, just as we approached his kennel, one of the staff members was sticking a reservation sign on his window. So, as happy as we were for Rocky, we continued down the corridor to look at all the other dogs. I can honestly say I could have happily adopted them all. 

She was the one

Then suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I noticed my hubby Neil. And it was obvious by the look on his face it was love at first sight. Going over to him, I took one look at the face on the other side of the glass and I agreed. Mery was the one. I just knew it. 
She was there, in the opposite corner of the kennel, cowering, shivering and looking terrified. We asked a few brief questions, and with a leap of faith, I was allowed inside her kennel just for a few minutes with one of the staff. She wouldn’t even look at us, and craned her neck so far to try and reach the treat I had thrown her way without moving. After a few minutes we had to come out again but I knew she was the one there and then and we reserved her.
pepper the rescue

It was not going to be easy

What we realised was though, this was not going to be easy. So for the next two weeks we drove from Uttoxeter to Brailsford every morning to spend an hour or two trying to gain this lovely little girls trust. We took turns just sitting there in the opposite corner to her with packs and packs of cooked chicken and ham and treats galore. And just spoke softly to her. There were four of us coming up to see her daily so we rotated so she would get to know us all. And slowly, ever so slowly, she started to come round. She gradually came closer and closer each day for her treats. Then one day, she took it out of my hand. BINGO. Round one. A couple of days later she allowed us to very cautiously, very gently stroke her chin. HURRAH  Round two to us  After that, things started to move fairly quickly. She would come to us and let us stroke her anywhere gently and cautiously, then a couple of days later she started lying down, more relaxed and confident in herself and around us. The next thing we knew she was starting to sit next to us and pawing for a fuss. This made our hearts melt. 
Trying to get a collar on her was tricky, very tricky. She would not allow anything around her neck. But eventually with time, we managed it. She got the first one off somehow…and basically ate it!!! But then she kept the second one on. We managed a lead too but taking her for a walk was an event all on its own. She was terrified. She nipped at my hubby twice but both were defensive, not aggressive in anyway. She was terrified of her own shadow or any sudden noise. 
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That day we knew she was meant for us

 Anyway after almost two weeks of visiting, one morning, Neil went to see her on his own as I was at work and as he approached her kennel, she was there waiting at the door, tail wagging. That was the day we honestly knew she was ours!! It was beautiful. Neil couldn’t wait to tell me and send me a video of her. My heart melted. 
A couple of days later on November 12th 2018, Pepper came home!! The staff at JFD were amazing!! Margaret was on holiday at the time, so we never did meet her until much later on when we took Pepper back for a visit, but Louise just knew it was the right time for her to come to us. Their job was done with our lovely new addition. 
Since that day, we have had a few rough days and nights. But nothing drastic. She ripped up a cushion when we first left her in her own. She almost are her way through the living/dining room door when we left her to sleep alone at night. She even ran off with a whole joint of cooked roast beef, fork still attached ready for carving, on her first Christmas Day with us!! 🤣🤣 But overall, she has been amazing. She’s so so clever, has us in hysterics most days, and now loves nothing more than a fuss, cuddle and tummy rub every day…. several times a day!!!  But we wouldn’t be without her. Not a chance. She’s our family, and we will always be grateful to her, for choosing us, and JFD for all the fantastic support and encouragement that we were doing a great job. Thanks everyone. We adore our Little Miss Pepper Monster. 
PS. And yes, she came to us with a black nose, which turned pink due to weather depigmentation, and that is now ever so gradually turning back to black!!
PPS. Yes she definitely rules the roost!! Lol xx

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