Rescue Stories – Robbie The Rescue

Robbie the rescue

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Rescue Stories - Robbie The Rescue

From A Badly Treated Puppy To A Loving Forever Home

Robbie the rescue

Robbie had been at Just For Dogs for about 4 years when we first met him. He had been badly treated as a puppy and kept in a shed that was never cleaned, and was rescued by a policewoman who saw his ‘owner’ kicking him in the gutter.

After 2 years of being a ward of the court he was given to JFD and their work started. He had some training, and was loved and feared at the same time – loved because he was adorable, but feared as he was so excitable, very exuberant and a lot of a handful!

The first time we met


Our first meeting was whilst Robbie was being walked by one of the volunteer dog walkers who gave him a good workout. It went well, so we went back the following week. Things went quite well until he was let into the yard with us. In a split second, Robbie went from adorable to growling, overexcited pooch and proceeded to ‘mug my partner, wrapping his front legs around OH’s waist – terrifying! 

We went back the following week!!!

We took him for some walks and joined in some training sessions, and Robbie got over-excited each time and played tug of war with the lead. After one session, he managed to slip his collar and we really thought that we were done for, and made a run for the gate – terrifying!

We went back the following weeks!!!

Finally, after 3 months


we decided it was now or never, and brought Robbie home with us. Margaret gave us the option that he was on foster so we had a get-out clause. Bearing in mind he had never been in a home, we were worried as to how Robbie would behave.

Would he chew things?

Wee on all the furniture?

Wee on us??

But no, he walked in, sniffed around, and then quietly lay on his new bed and went to sleep. Even when we had to leave him alone to go to work he was so well behaved (yes, we have a webcam on him). That was 3 years ago, and we have never looked back.

Life hasn’t been smooth by any means.

Robbie gets stressed in the car, so one of us has to sit on the back seat with him (towels and puppy pads at the ready to catch the buckets of drool). He continued to have ‘fizzes’ where he got over-excited and played tug of war with the lead, but these have now nearly stopped as he has become more trusting and settled in his life with us.

The master of escape (he was the only dog with a tie-on his kennel door after an incident involving his escape and entry into the food store where he scoffed LOTS of food) he discovered how to turn the door handle with his teeth so he now has the run of the downstairs area.

He’s had lumps removed – both cancerous and fatty, and has a shoulder issue, but he takes it all in his stride. He won’t go to bed until he has his tummy scratched, and won’t get up until he’s had cuddles on his bed. He hates the pigeons in the garden, and is currently locked in battle with his nemesis the blackbird who keeps stealing the cherries that are rightfully his…

His bad start hasn’t made him a bad dog – far from it. Robbie is a dog who loves being loved and just needed someone to believe in him. 

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