Rescuing A Rescue Dog – The Lilla Story

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Rescuing A Rescue Dog - The Lilla Story

Story of adopting a rescue dog

Today I want you to tell me your rescue Origin story

Write your story of adopting your rescue and message below or post it in my rescue dog training group

Tell me:

  • What made you adopt a rescue
  • Why you wanted a dog
  • What rescue center you got your dog from
  • Why you chose that rescue
  • Why you chose that rescue dog
  • Problems you’re now experiencing with your rescue dog

Ok, I’ll go first:

The problem rescue dog Origin story

The Lilla Origin Story…

It all started with Lilla’s mum, the dog we originally would rescue, also a problem doggie. Her past life she was living with a single mum and her daughter that daughter had epilepsy and the then named Narla now Marla could sense when this would happen…Brilliant right?

It was a hot summers day, Marla was out in the garden in the middle of being in heat, she jumped the fence and wasn’t found until a day or so later, the owner then later found out she was pregnant and couldn’t cope with this on top of everything else, so that led to Marla being sent to Just For Dogs.

The dog we couldn't rescue...

I saw her innocent face on a Facebook post from them and couldn’t resist;  we loved the idea of wanting to rescue a dog, plus didn’t want a puppy as we were expecting a baby in 6 months time, so we arranged to see her, and excitedly drove down a few days later.

We fell in love but to our disappointment, someone had already done too and said they would adopt her. Well, a few weeks later Marla gave birth to 10 puppies, Maggie the owner said we were welcome to have a look at the 3 that were left 2 boys and one bitch…Lilla. She was confident had the lady balls, came right up to me, was bounding around, we knew then we wanted her.

She ripped up our vinyl floor!

Fast forward a few months, a baby later, torn up lino and me and Tania at the end of our tether as we now had an adolescent dog with many behavioural problems which we DID NOT know how to control…that’s when we got help

Ok Now yours, set a timer for 10 minutes (Because you can spare 10 minutes right?)  and get writing, let me know your rescue origin story.

Until next time,

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