Frequently Asked Questions

What dog training package do i need?

Please find all our dog training packages here. If you’re not sure, send us an enquiry as you can’t buy dog training online yet from us, and you’ll get a free consultation over the phone to discuss your dog issues further and advised whats the best package for you.

What is the best price for dog training?​

We believe we have reasonable, affordable and best price for dog training. Please check out our product pages and decide for yourself, also keep an eye out on our google my business page for coupon code for dog training and also for the best dog training reviews

Which dogs breeds are best for me?​

This is something that you the owner has to decide at the end of the day as this is personal preference. All dog breeds are the same to train with our method. It’s only when they have different types of behavioural issues is when we have to really change up the training. 

Who sells the cheapest dog training online?​

Like mentioned above we believe we have the best price for dog training thats with under our training method, but please shop around and get multiple quotes from other dog trainers and then pick who you feel is right for you and your dog.

Whats the best style of dog training?​

There are multiple styles of dog training, all that get results but some a lot slower than other or at a much higher cost than others. Here at one dog training, we believe we have the best style of dog training.

what's the best dog training collar?​

The best dog training  collar? Hmmm…we love to use the half check collar as it’s a great collar and training aid to get your dog walking to heel. Now the half check is not an aggressive or cruel form of collar. Yes it goes of the back of the choke chain, but this collar only has a small a bit of chain attached to material, and we use the chain noise wen checking to train the dog to respond to us at no point does the collar choke as it’s basically just a normal collar with a bit of chain attached. We also use a halti collar as well.

Where can i buy a half check collar?​

We stock and sell these, so you can buy them in the session or you can get these on amazon or online

Whats the best dog training lead?​

We believe the best dog training lead is the 6ft halti leads, the way we teach you to walk your dog to heel gives you much more control over your dog(s) and also the lead can be altered to 3 sizes.

Where can i buy a dog training lead?​

We stock and sell the 6ft Halti leads, so you can buy them in session from us or online.

How does your dog training fee's work?​

Please check our dog training programmes to find out all our prices and fee’s

How can your training help us?​

With one dog training style we help you to understand why your dog is doing what they’re doing and then show you through hand-on practice and techniques including but not extensive vocal tone, leadership, body language, lead control and much more to get your dog behaving how you want and need, which in turn creates a more happy dog as dogs are creatures of habit and routine…they love consistency.

Do you use loose leads training?​

So style teaches first getting your dog under control on the lead, to then walking to heel and then long term with consistency on the owners part, loose lead walking.

Do you do puppy socialization classes?

Currently no we do not do puppy socialization classes. Our training is one to one but we plan in the future to adapt our training to puppy socialization classes but to a maximum of 5 puppy per class as any more, we believe the training is then filtered down to much and you as the owner and your puppy does not get the training needed.

Do you train dog rescue dogs?

YES. We train rescue dogs along with older dogs, puppies and any breed or age.