Review Of Trixie Premium Semi-choke Dog Collar (Ancol)

Ancol half check collar

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Review Of Trixie Premium Semi-choke Dog Collar (Ancol)

In this video, I review and explain HOW to use the Ancol semi-chock or what I call half check collar.

Personally, I find this collar along with the Halti 6ft training lead perfect for getting your dog to walk to heel, it’s a combination of the tension and loosening of the chain part of the collar and then the noise that I like to call the “check” trains both your dog and you to respond to the slightest of movements.

Anyway watch the video below and see what you think.


Ok so you converted?

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This is a very minimal investment for a possible long term reward…That reward being your dog walking to heel and you no longer getting your arm pulled out of its socket.

Get yourself the collar now and click here alternatively find dog collars Canada we great collar alternatives relatively priced and find the right training collar for you. Every dog is different and i have found almost all dogs respond to the half check collar, the collar talk to the dog, well not actually but the check simulates a light correction that dogs know and understand.

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