“There is nothing better than when a customer contacts me after training and tells me their dog has stopped barking, or that they are now sleeping through the night. they’re genuinely happier dogs, and most importantly are listening to their owners. Meaning the owners are happier too.”

Sean Purdy
(Founder and Owner – One Dog Training)

Thank you! 🙂 Had a one hour online session with Sean and it was really enjoyable and made a difference before we'd finished! Would highly recommend!🐶🐶 Sean had previously contacted me to ask what problems we were having, and tailored the session around those. First we started with the basics of WHY the dog is doing what they do, things to avoid doing which exacerbate the problem. Finally he walked us through the way to correct the dogs, helping us with technique and commands, correcting how we completed it and offering further tips for problematic scenarios. Even after the hour, the dogs were listening to commands and accepting the corrections better, not perfect but after an hour it made a huge difference! Now to put it into consistent practice!

Linden Weaver - Derbyshire

Sean is a top bloke at what he does worked wonders with our boy Charlie, top man at what he does highly recommend 👍

Ian Hibbard - Swanwick, Derbyshire

Sean came out to see our 7 month old Westie, Poppy, and to help her with jumping up, barking, growling, biting and anything else you can imagine! This was our last hope as we had already been to group sessions and she didn’t change, and her behaviour was taking over our life. When Sean met her he was amazing from the first second, and her behaviour changed dramatically in the first hour when he helped us take back control. We have kept up everything he taught us in the initial session, and it’s like having a different dog. You have to work hard and keep up the training, but you can see instant results. Plus he covers such a wide area, we are all the way in Stapleford, Nottingham and cost no extra for him to travel to us. We are eternally grateful to Sean and One Dog Training, honestly made our house so much happier so thank you!

Rebekah Ellis - Sandiacre, Nottinghamshire

Max was becoming hard to live with due to his dominance, barking, pulling on lead, and refusal to walk. He was nervous when outside and I couldn’t get him to leave the street. He put weight on and was unhappy. Sean came and explained what max was feeling and gave me tips and exercises to help max and for me to take back control. He helped me with his diet and to understand what’s the best food for him, then went on to explain rules for the house. He came back for the Revisits and showed me how to deal with max outside on walks so he wasn’t nervous and I had more control. Max is a lot different now and I have more understanding on how he thinks and feels. The tips and exercises were really useful and I will always be able to use them. It’s a real eye opener when they assess your dog and explain what your pet is doing and how to fix it. Overall it was a great course and really helpful. Would highly recommend. Thanks for all your help Sean - Derby


After finding One Dog Training website and watching Sean’s video we contacted him and he replied very quickly. We arranged the first session and weren’t disappointed. Sean is very friendly, patient and after meeting Sam our German Shepherd he provided us with a training plan tailored to Sam’s behaviours and needs. He worked with us, teaching us to understand Sam and the training techniques required to correct Sam’s behaviour and lead walking. He gave us raw diet advice which Sam loves to eat. We kept in touch between sessions sharing videos of our training and Sean would reply with advice and positive feedback. We had our last session tonight and in the 6 weeks since our first session we have seen many improvements in Sam’s behaviour and lead walking. We have also learned a lot about ourselves as dog owners and the techniques we need to continue to train Sam. We highly recommend Sean from One Dog Training to anyone who needs help and support training their dog.

Sean is a very committed individual to his costumers and detailed. The work is tailored for your needs! my 2 hyper chorkies were jumping on and everywhere around the house, after the sessions we have learned that Misty and Bruno can be no.so.jumpy! seat where you allow them.to and no.more lead pulling on walks! Barking at other dogs reduced dramatically! so I am.a happy Alpha! 🙂

Nicol Morgan - Belper, Derbyshire