Top 4 ways on How to Train a Dog

How to train a dog

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Top 4 ways on how a train your dog

How to train a dog

Dogs have for ages been referred to as man’s best friend. However, your dog can only be a great friend if it receives the best training. This therefore makes dog training a vital thing to do once you get that puppy.

Picture a scenario where you have just gotten home, and you find that your dog has pooped on the couch, or has caused injury to your child. You will curse having acquired a dog in the first place. However, having a well-trained dog will save you from the havoc that an untrained dog may cause in your homestead and probably to your neighbors too.

If you have always wanted to learn how to train a dog, then this article is for you. To start you off are some basics that are a must-follow for successful dog training. Additionally, you can always use the internet to search for “the best dog training near me” if you cannot train the dog on your own or get in touch with me

1. Establish yourself as the pack leader

Research has proven that dogs fall under the same species like wolves, Canis lupus, and as such, they also operate under a hierarchy. Your dog will therefore not follow your commands if it feels that it is above you. You should therefore make yourself dominant over the dog in your training so that it can learn to respect you. One way of establishing yourself as the pack leader is by not giving in to its demands; if it wants to play and you are not interested, don’t play!

However, it is essential to note that being dominant over your dog does not mean that you become a bully, your relationship will only work if there you can properly communicate and make your dog follow through on your orders.

2. Follow a routine

It has been tested and proven that following a routine is one of the methods that you can employ to train your dog. You should therefore commit yourself to create a specific schedule and one that you are confident you will also follow. The time that you take your dog for a walk, outside to use a potty or feed it should be the same throughout the training. It simplifies the learning process, and you will realize that within a few days, your dog will have learned what you want it to learn. 

3. Consistency is key

Regardless of the training you are putting your dog through, it is vital to remain consistent at it. Dogs learn through conditioned reflex action, and that’s why it is essential to do the same thing over and over again until your dog has mastered it. If you are teaching your dog new tricks and you stop halfway or skip a few days, then the entire process will not be effective. For your training to be effective, consistency is key, the more you practice daily the better you and your dog will learn

4. Don't overtrain your dog

It is important to point out that dogs have shorter attention spans compared to humans, especially puppies. You should therefore train your dog for short periods and once you notice any signs of exhaustion, let the dog take a rest.


How to train a dog effectively greatly relies on your commitment as the owner, or as a professional trainer. If you are committed to the process, then expect good results. But if you do shoddy work, then your dog training won’t be effective at all.


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