Top 5 Dog Friendly Establishments in Derby.

Top 5 Dog Friendly Establishments in Derby

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Dog Friendly Establishments in Derby

Nothing is more satisfying than being able to take your pup out for a walk, let the smell their way into mental exhaustion and then deciding to take a break at a fine establishment. 

This feeling is even more amplified when you walk in, and they immediately welcome both you and your doggo.

As life evolves, so do humans do with it.

However, not everyone is so keen on changing the norms that they’re used to, to adopt new ones. 

This is one of the reasons why it is still difficult to find establishments that allow pets in with their humans.

 Luckily, there are people in Derby who realise how important dogs are to many people. Here are a few of them.

1. Fould Guitars.

Foulds guitars

Well, the world wouldn’t be complete without some form of creativity, and the guitar is just one of those important paint brushes that a musician will need.

 Aside from just selling guitars, they also recognise the companionship and love that dogs give and allow their customers to come in and rock with their pups.

Fould Guitars is located in between Sadler Gate and The Strand.

2. Antiques in the Quarter.

One would think that the last place that would allow a dog in is a place that sells valuable antiques that are well arranged, and for some, probably easily broken.

Who would want to have a not-so-well behaved pup come in and cause chaos? 

Well in Derby, that’s not the case.

Antiques in the Quarter do realise that their customers who appreciate the value of a good antique, are probably the same people who own dogs.

3. Scenta Flora.

dog friendly in derby derbyshire 2

The Derby Cathedral Quarter wouldn’t be complete without a flower shop, you know, for when men need to apologise to the beautiful ladies in their lives but don’t know what they’ve done wrong.

Scenta Flora goes a step further and allows these men to walk in with the pups that is part of the apology package and pick out flowers.

If the choice of flowers in the shop isn’t to your liking, you could as well come out with a number of Charlie Bears and grow your personal collection.

4. Doughnotts.

dog friendly in derby derbyshire

It would be a travesty to let your dog get some smell therapy as you’re walking down Sadler Street and refuse to follow them into Doughnotts. 

In fact, after a lovely evening walk, you should head straight there and treat yourselves to some of their scrumptious offerings and some hot chocolate.

Take some selfies while the rain is painting a bleak atmosphere outside.

5. The Dog and Moon.

1 Dog and Moon pub in Sadler Gate Derby 004JPG

Ah, the best for last. 

This is probably Derby’s best feature for all manner of creatives and dog lovers. It’s also a nice place for the introverts

 (those who don’t already fall in the creatives and dog animal lover’s category. The irony is strong.)

To come out and enjoy a night of live music and share a pint, or several with some of their closest friends.

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