Top 5 Dog-Friendly Pubs in Derby

Top 5 Dog Friendly Pubs in derby

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Top 5 Dog-Friendly Pubs In Derby

Well, what would be the purpose of an evening stroll if you can’t go out with your pup? 

Get them out of the house and let them send their brains into oblivion from the variety of smells in the street and in the park.

And what if on the way back, you felt like your throat needed some irrigation with a special golden elixir, especially the frothy kind? 

Does that mean you have to take your pup home, and then go back out? 

Why not just head straight to a well serving this elixir with your pup? They might just enjoy the different environment.

So, where can you take your pup in Derby?

1. The Brewery Tap

Dog Friendly The tap

Here is a pub that has dedicated itself to the venerable arts of dispensing varieties of beers and ales. 

This is terribly true of the Brewery Tap  once known as the Royal Standard, has been devoted to this discipline ever since the 16th Century. It might be the wonderful ale, but that’s a long time.

The varieties of ale can be a different experience for people who have yet to experience it. The food is also worth trying out.

The pub can also provide your now exhausted pup with a bowl of water if it is required. The pups aren’t allowed on the seats though.

This pub can be found on Derwent Street looking like a ship attempting to break through a wave of concrete.

2. Five Lamps

Dog Friendly Five Lamps

Well, if you’re looking for a place where you can mingle with people from various age groups, well look no further than the Five Lamps  It is a well-known pub that is famous for a variety of thirteen different ales. 

Aside from these, the fourteenth slot is filled by a rotation of ales, just to keep things fresh. Friar Tuck would be proud.

Well, aside from the ales, the food is also finger lickin’ good (insert chorus of sighs). 

You can choose to have this food either indoors or outdoors while soaking up some sun. 

Either way, your pup gets to be with you.

You can find this wonderful bar at 39 Duffield Road.

Dog Friendly Furnace Inn

Furnace Inn

Here’s a pub that’s neatly tucked into a residential area. 

If you’re in the city centre and are looking for someplace away from the hustle and bustle to take your pup to after its daily dose of burning energy, then here is one place you could try.

It’s well known for it’s variety of beers and ales, all the way from the taps to the cans and bottles, and what’s more, they’re accepting of well behaved pups in the establishment.

 It can be found on 9 Duke Street.

4. Little Chester Ale House Micro Pub

Dog Friendly Little Chester

If you’re looking to enjoy some down time in a place steeped in history, here’s a pub you could try. Little Chester is Wonderfully set in an area that was once occupied by Vikings, and is now occupied by a conservation area that seems to be dominated by trees.

It sticks to the micro-pub philosophy of one small room and four changing beers, but its still large enough to allow pups in to enjoy some time out with their parents. 

The pub can be found at 4a, Chester Green Road.

5. Exeter Arms

Dog Friendly Exeter Arms

Perfect place for those looking for some medieval pub experience… no, not the rowdy crowds and debauchery, but the ambiance. 

Don’t mistreat your pup. The ambience is still made to represent what the Exerter Arms would have looked like more than a hundred years ago, what with the dimly lit rooms that re surprisingly cosy.

You can try the ales and the food from one of Derby’s finest pubs, and ensure to take your pup with you. They might meet their soul mate… well, aside from you.

3 Bonus Dog-Friendly Pubs Near Derby

Dewdrop Inn, Ilkeston – water bowl & doggie bicuits.
Marlpool Alehouse, 5 Breach Rd, Marlpool, Heanor
Queens Head, Marlpool, Near Heanor

If you’re planning on travelling to Derby or further afield with Fido and are looking for advice on airline approved dog carriers, click here.

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