Top Six Nottingham Dog-Friendly Establishments.

Top 6 Dog friendly Establishments in Nottingham

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Top Six Nottingham Dog Friendly Establishments.

Ah, what would we be without the beautiful dogs in our lives? 

They’ve become so much more than just the guardians to homesteads, or the living fences to keep wayward sheep in check?

Dogs have become the companions that no one knew they needed, and the friends people always knew they had, but hadn’t truly experienced the depth of this relationship.

As such, it became natural for every pup parent to want to take their loved one everywhere they go.

Unfortunately, not all establishments welcome the sight of the furry family member.

Some even frown upon it and put up signs to discourage this.

Luckily though, there are those establishments that get how important that dog is. 

In Nottingham, they are as diverse as they can be. 

Here’s six of the best.

1. Outpost Coffee.

Dog Friendly in nottingham5

For that morning that just isn’t going as well as you’d like it to, or a cold rainy day where you need to be around a wonderful stimulant.

Outpost Coffee is the place for you.

From the various coffee varieties from around the world, to the fact that your pup gets free attendance,

what better way to spend your day than to enjoy a piping hot brew in the company of your furry partner?

2. Bread and Bitter.

Dog Friendly in nottingham2

Perfectly situated in an old bakery.

The Bread and Bitter is an excellent pub that sells a variety of ales and beers.

But that’s not all.

At the end of the bar, is a jar full of doggy biscuits. This is the epitome of dog friendliness outside of a doggy day care or a doggy spa.

There’s also food available, and a wonderful roast that you can have a part in on Sunday’s.

What an excellent way to spend your day away from home. Give your pup some time out of the apartment.

3. The Crafty Crow.

Dog Friendly in nottingham3

This probably was a place where the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood with his merry band would break for a parlay.

The Crafty Crow is located just outside the gates of the Nottingham Castle is a bar with a wide range of beers and ciders available on tap.

What’s more, the menu has a variety of dishes that speak of ingenuity.

Definitely a place to try out with your pup.

4. Lincolnshire Poacher.

Dog Friendly in nottingham1

If you’re looking for something that immediately screams

“this is a legendary pub”

then the Lincolnshire Poacher is something you should definitely try.

This has been a Mecca for ale-lovers since before it was famous.

It’s also very common to see dogs nestled in between the tables.

5. The Wollaton Pub and Kitchen.

Dog Friendly in nottingham

You probably have a group of friends who also love their pups as much as you do.

 What’s more, you also love rustic places that serve excellent beer and good food.

Here is one place all of you can head to, sit in front of a fire, share your stories and let your pups socialise.

Check out the Wollaton Pub and Kitchen Here

6. The Malt Cross.

Dog Friendly in nottingham4

After you’re done pub hopping with your pup and you feel like enjoying something not on Deliveroo’s list, 

the Malt Cross is a place you can excite your palate.

Set in an exquisite music hall first built in the Victorian era, you can have a variety of meals.


While away your afternoon as you nurse a hangover, and your pup scolds you for it.

So there was my round-up of the my Top 6 dog-friendly estabslihments in Nottingham, I hope you enjoyed! 

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