Trixie Premium Semi Choke Collar: The Perfect Collar for Your New Pup.

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Trixie Premium Semi Choke Collar: The Perfect Collar for Your New Pup.

It may have been your dream for a while, or it may be that beloved member of the family was recalled to be an angel in heaven.

Either way, what this means is you now have a freshly arrived puppy.

This little guy still doesn’t know the norms and customs of the human life…or puppy life, and those of your home.

They’re used to roaming and doing what they like, but they’re here on loan and they need to learn our ways.

Teaching that cute little puppy the ways of this earth will take some time, a lot of patience and participation from you the parent, as well as some specialized tools to keep them motivated and just right where you want them to be. It will require a lot of love, a lot of praise and most of all, a neck collar that won’t have them feeling like they were dropped into a gulag.

In spite of what many people believe all over the world, chaining up your dog is not a way to induce discipline, keep them in check or have them under control. Although a collar is recommended by law, it’s not always the best to have a standard flat collar on them.

So, what should you use instead? A half collar of course. Although much maligned as just a training tool, they are much more than what they’re famously used for. A good example of a collar to have for your three-month-old pup, or your four-year bone crusher is the Trixie Premium Semi Choke Collar.

This collar is built from high quality nylon, a material well known and loved for the fact that it does not cause any sort of reaction with the dog’s skin like other materials such as metal. The fact that it is adjustable also means that it will not matt the fur on the neck and cause the pup to look like some form of naked neck chicken.

As your dog is growing and developing, so are the features around its body. The neck will of course get bigger. They may have grown accustomed to the collar they already have. With time though, that collar will get smaller and smaller. Some paw parents may be reluctant to make any changes that will confuse their angels. In such cases, that collar ends up becoming a life risk by choking.

With the Trixie Premium Semi Choke Collar, you get the ability to adjust the collar as the dog grows. You never have to change it as the dog grows, and it will probably end up saving the life of your pup if it ever wanders away from home.

It is common for scared dogs to become creative enough to slip out of their harnesses and take to the hills. A properly sized Trixie Premium Semi Choke Collar will mean no matter how creative your pup gets, it won’t be possible for them to slip out of the collar.

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