Ultimate Raw Feeding Guide For Dogs

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The Ultimate Raw Feeding Guide For Dogs

This is the go-to ultimate raw feeding guide for dogs and by the end of this post you will know:

  1. What the barf diet is and why it’s the optimal diet for your dog.
  2. Best foods to feed your dog.
  3. How much to feed your dog – Raw feeding calculator UK
  4. The Positive’s of feeding raw and possible side effects
  5. Further reading – Top 6 books to read on the barf diet
  6. Raw feeding companies in the UK for at home or on the road (camping)
  7. Raw feeding kennels – Belper
  8. What raw feeding treats to feed your dog

What is the Barf diet?

The Barf Diet, Originally meaning Bones and Raw Food diet but has recently been changed to Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, but you can just see it as the “Raw Food Diet”.

This approach of feeding is going by the wild-type diet.

 So the dog has evolved over thousands of years to eat certain raw foods, a wild animal which is best suited for optimal health. 

So not the CRAP kibble most dog owners feed.

A wolf or dog in the wild is both a hunter and scavenge, so their diet will be off hunted or scavenged dead animals, fruit and vegetable matter. 

When a canine eats a carcass, they go for the gut content…So this is where the veg part comes in (liquidised grass and vegetable matter) they then move on to muscle and/or other tissue, then finally onto the bone.

Which they use those big teeth to chew, chomp and crush those bones.

Raw Feeding Guide For Dogs

Think of it this way, dog’s roamed the earth for thousands of years, they ate what and whenever they could, consisting of hunted animals (Prey), the scavenged and grazed foods.

Their prey would be mainly herbivores, the scavenge food was left from the bigger carnivores like lions, where the wild dogs would devour the scraps.

40 thousand years ago man started to feed dogs, they would help on the hunt and the man would reward them with the leftovers this made life easier for both human and dog.

Then we decided to monetize feeding dogs in the 1950s and along came commercial dog food in the form of mass leftovers which consisted of gristle, bad quality meat and cereal. 

Basically, the leftovers that they could not hide in our own foods.

They sold it as specialised food we could buy for our dogs, that’s when people started to forget that once upon a time we fed our dogs on raw meat and bones and leftover vegetable scraps.

So that’s when problems came about including but not extensive:

  • Eczema
  • Dental problems (Periodontal disease)
  • Smelly breath (dog breath)
  • Colitis
  • Dull, scruffy coat
  • food hypersensitivity
  • kidney disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

The raw feeding rules

1. Dog’s should be fed on a variety of raw meat and meaty bones. 8:10:10 so 70 – 80% muscle meat,10-20% Bone and 10% Offal.

2. For every meal or one of the meals feed a handful of Raw blended veg, great vegetable to use include: Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Cauliflower seaweed and herbs, carrots (Good for chewing on) Good fruits include: Apple, Pear and melon.

3. Add in Organ meat (heart, kidney, lung or liver) 2-3 times a week

4. Do not feed cereals, rice or processed foods – Definitely NO KIBBLE.

5. Raw feeding calculator UK – I tend to go by and tell my clients to feed 200-400g of raw meat or meaty bones for every 10kg of your dogs weight, So if your dog weighs 30kg you would feed him between 600g – 1200g a day divided into 2 meals, once in the morning and again at night.

Check out this Raw feeding calculator UK from paleo ridge to check how much you need to feed or follow my advice above.

6. Twice a week add in a meal of tuna in sunflower oil with vegetables, a tiny pinch of garlic and vitamin b12.

You don’t need to follow this religiously, as long as you aim for these amount over a week basis you will add up to the correct amounts needed.

Remember: Every dog is different.

Raw Feeding and Dog Constipation:

Dogs like us suffer from constipation and in raw fed dogs this is usually a sign of high bone content, usually, a sign is it’s white, hard and dry and can sound like a golf ball hitting your garden patio

Ok the last bit may be an exaggeration!

But you know the picture, your dog straining in that funny position, looking confused as nothing is coming out, they may lick the area or do the bum scoot around the garden. 

But all joking aside if it persists more than a couple of days…Call your veterinarian.

One way to resolve these signs of constipation is like humans, dogs need more fibre, So less bone and more vegetable matter, so extra liquidised leafy greens. 

You want the poo to be firm…crumbly, ideally not smelly and another moisture to leave a bit of residue on the concrete but not sloppy…Ohhhh no!

Raw feeding QAs

Common Raw Feeding Questions

Where to buy Raw dog food online? – Keep reading below and i suggest multiple sources from where to buy the best raw do food online. 

Can dogs eat raw chicken? – Yes they can, it’s not the automatic death sentence a lot of owners kibble fed or vets like to believe (Just to cover myself – Always ask your vet before, even though you know what most of them will say) Raw chicken and bones are perfectly fine, dogs have a lot stronger hydrochloric acid in their stomach capable of digesting raw meat and bones, Actually 10x stronger than our own.

Can dogs eat raw fish? – Again just like the above of feeding raw chicken, raw fish is perfectly fine, I’ve given mine a while fish before and she loved it. We as humans even eat raw fish…Salmon, sushi ring a bell

Can dogs eat raw eggs? – Yes and even with the shell, though some dogs (mine included) will not eat the shell, she loves to crunch it into bits and scatter it around the garden though. Plus eggs are incredibly nutritious for your doggie.

Can dogs eat eggshells? – They can but its all down to if your dog wants to.

Can dogs eat raw meat? – Yes, Yes and Yes! I always start with chicken or turkey for a couple of weeks when first transitioning a dog from kibble to raw, but then feel free to experiment… I tend to stay away from pork though.

Can dogs eat Raw potatoes? – Afraid not, nor cooked (minimal) – contains Solanine which is toxic to some dogs.

Can I really feed my dogs bone? – Yes remember every dog is different, a puppy or smaller dog would suit chicken wings, where a bigger dog would love a chicken carcass. 

I tend to avoid weight bearing bones for example leg bones of cows.

Do raw fed puppies grow slower than kibble fed pups? – Yes, but at a more controlled safer rate, There seems to be this thing about wanting a puppy to grow as big as possible as fast as it can. Slow growth is better for your puppy and is optimal for bone health and size.

Why vets against raw feeding? – Regarding raw feeding or nutrition for that matter, they are uneducated…Only know kibble diets from their studies (paid by the big pet food companies and sponsorship) 

Secondly, it’s all about money!

If your dog is healthy, the vet’s are not going to make money from surgery or up-selling you their specialised food…End off. Don’t believe me read this post from a vet

Can I mix kibble with raw? – In my opinion…NO!

1. If you’re feeding raw then why do you need to mix kibble in with the raw?
2. Dry food and raw does not go well together…if you REALLY want to do both, then seperate the meals one raw in the morning, one at night but i don’t recommend feeding kibble.

Raw Feeding Resources: The best dog food.

Raw Feeding Companies UK - Top selling dog food

Raw Feeding On The Road 1

You have a few different options for raw feeding when holidaying or camping with your doggie family.

1. Prepare and separate meals in freezer bags and store in a cooler bag or ice chest.
2. Buy pre-made raw daily something like natural instincts brand.

If you choose the cooler bad method, store tightly and vertically so you can store more, store what you’re giving your dog the first day at the top, each consecutive layer add ice cubes or those freezer blocks, then another layer of packed meat and repeat…make sure you pack tightly.

If it’s a holiday you can’t bring your dog on, then search around for local raw feeding kennels that will accommodate your needs:

UKRMBThis is a great resource for kennels that feed raw in the UK, also here is a post I wrote for raw feeding dog kennels near me – Belper

Top Raw Feeding Treats 2020

So now you’re feeding raw, you don’t want to be feeding kibble treats, so here is a list of some of the best raw treats you can feed your dog.

  • Sprats
  • Freeze dried raw meat nuggets
  • Animal ears
  • Deer Horn
  • Buffalo horn
  • Carrot or Celery
  • Whole raw egg

Extra resources - Further Reading:

What Does Your Dog’s Vet Know About Nutrition? – Great blog post written by a vet explaining what vets ACTUALLY know regarding nutrition, now don’t get me wrong there are more vets recommending raw but while training is sponsored/funded by the big pet food industries, the majority won’t change.

The Raw Feeding Pet Shop In Derby – TDB Pet Supplies – Was written by me, great for if you’re local to Derby and wanting to go the bone route and feed your dog chicken carcass.

6 Reasons Not To Feed Your Dog Raw – If you want a chuckle and a laugh read this post. I’m a vegetarian myself but understand a dogs nutritional needs, and those needs consist of feeding meat, bone and organs…Oh wait and veg. Not a diet consisting of just vegetable matter. Yes dogs are not wolves, but they are still build the same way on the inside.

Your dog is not a wolf; stop trying to feed it like one – Just to juxtapose the above post. This is a great read and gives some great point for and against, but very much concludes raw feeding is the way forward, but you do have that flexibility when regarding in adding veg, or hold your breathe, add some grains if your dog struggles to put on weight.

Myths About Raw Feeding – Have any worries about bacteria, frightened you dog may choke on bones or become blood thirsty, check out these common raw feeding myths.

Ok so there is my ultimate raw feeding guide for dogs, hope you enjoyed the read and found it helpful…if you did, what would be helpful to me is if you would like and share this post on your preferred social media network and bookmark this page for later reference as this post will be continued to be updated.

Until next time,

Are you looking for puppy training classes Leicester. do contact and leave rest on me.

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